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  1. Geez. Well thank you for the info!!
  2. I contacted ENMU to see what I needed to do and I’m waiting to hear back. do you know exact prices? I hate to spend all this money and possibly not get in!
  3. I need to retake those 2 also! @FutureSLP1212
  4. If you want it that bad, GO FOR IT! Maybe try retaking some of your classes. I’m in similar situation and I’m doing all of the jobs/volunteering I can! Look on ASHA and also look into programs that look at your last 60 hours GPA, if you did better in those hours. If you’re passionate about it, show them that in your personal statement and also show the people you will be getting letters of reccomendation from how passionate you are, so they can also relay the message. Best of luck to you!!
  5. @futureSLP2021 Minor in ASL, that’s awesome! Good luck on graduate school! @sabrono Teaching English in another country sounds amazing and I really wish I was someone who could do that. I know myself and traveling alone (especially out of the country/somewhere I’ve never been before) would send my anxiety through the roof.
  6. @Stephanie022594 Yeah, I've actually been looking into OTA programs (if I don't get in) and it seems like a good option! I know a few OTA's and they make good money with good benefits, and they have the option to do an OTA to OT bridge program in the future if they want to. It's unfortunate that SLPA's aren't used as much or paid as well as OTA's or PTA's. Another thing I've been looking into is becoming an Educational Diagnostician. Which does require teaching for a few years and getting a Master's, but they're involved in getting children with special needs in the classes and settings they need to be in, so at least I would be helping people.
  7. Thank you so much @andreadls22! That was very helpful and I'll definitely be looking into some of those! I have been contacting several clinics within like a 2 hour drive of me to see about volunteering or even shadowing so I'm hoping to receive some news this week! And thank you too @bibliophile222, I'm trying to keep reminding myself if I get my GREs up and get as much experience as I can I have a shot!
  8. @snoves Unfortunately where I'm from, SLPAs aren't used or I would so love to do that. I subbed before I got my intervention job, and we only got paid about $60 a day. But I am for sure going to try my hardest for grad school, I'm just interested to see what everyones backup plans are! And thank you, congrats on your acceptances! @SavSLP2Be Thats awesome that FL has SLTs! I wish we had it here. I'm from a small area so theres really not many options for me but I'm trying to save to relocate. Thanks for your input!
  9. I am currently reading about grad school on here and reddit and stressing myself out about not getting into grad school. I am still going to remain positive and try my best (despite my lower GPA), but I'm also looking into backup plans, just to be safe. I'm currently working in a school district doing intervention, but that is not a career. I know teaching is an obvious back up but I'm just not sure that's for me. So what are some of yalls backup plans? Whether it is persuing a second bachelors, a Masters in a different field, or a certificate type program. Just curious!
  10. @andread I looked at their website and you can sign up for the webinar's on there, there is another one at the end of this month. They are for anyone interested in the program! Also, they are waiting on accreditation from ASHA before they can start classes so I'm not sure if they are accepting people yet or not.
  11. @BlackGirlSpeechie Really?! That does seem pretty weird. Especially with how competitive grad school is, I mean it takes some people years to get in!
  12. I did not but I would love to hear more about the program! I don't see them on ASHA edfind though
  13. (Late seeing this ?) but Thank you so much, I'll add that to my list!!
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