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  1. When I was looking on their website I think they said they only accept 10 people for their online program. I'm not totally sure though! But I haven't decided yet. I've been accepted to Baylor and Western Kentucky so I'm trying to decide between the two of them
  2. I was waitlisted too! I think they waitlisted a lot of people because I saw a couple other people were waitlisted too. I think I'm going to take myself off the waitlist because I've been accepted elsewhere!
  3. An update - I've been waitlisted at University of South Carolina and Idaho State. I've been accepted to Western Kentucky and Baylor. I still haven't heard anything from University of Montana and NOVA. I think I'm going to withdraw my application from NOVA. Has anyone been accepted to Baylor or WKU and plan on attending?
  4. We applied to a lot of the same schools! I haven't heard anything from Montana either. I was waitlisted at University of South Carolina and haven't heard anything from NOVA yet!
  5. For those who have been accepted to NOVA, what did your email say? I got an email from them today but I couldn't tell if I got accepted or not as odd as it sounds!
  6. When did you all hear from NOVA/ when did you submit your applications? I haven't heard anything from them but I did submit my application in later and I know they have rolling admission.
  7. I'm also on their waitlist but for their distance program!
  8. Yeah some schools make their decisions so late. I honestly don't think it's right. We pay so much money for applications and additional fees and their deadline was in January so they would have plenty of time to review applications!
  9. I applied to University of South Carolina, University of Montana, Eastern New Mexico, Nova Southeastern (May Cohort), Western Kentucky, and Idaho State - their online programs and have been accepted to Baylor for the May cohort. I was wondering if anyone else applied to these schools and if so if you have heard back yet!
  10. Thank you so much! I applied right before the deadline. I was cutting it close but I was hesitate about the tuition. I decided to apply anyways and I'm glad I did!
  11. I just found out that I've been accepted to Baylor's online program!! Has anyone else heard from them or plan on attending?
  12. @alyssafrancis Could you PM me as well? I applied to ENMU too!
  13. Congratulations! I'm not going to IU but plan on applying there in the fall! Do you mind me asking your stats/relevant experience?
  14. Congrats everyone! Would you guys mind sharing your stats? I'm applying next round and I am already incredibly nervous
  15. Hi everyone! I'm having trouble formatting my resume for graduate school. I've looked up samples online and they each have a different layout. I'm not sure if there is a "standard" format they would want it and I also don't want to look like an idiot if I have anything too out of the ordinary! Any advice for writing it or could anyone share theirs with me? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
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