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  1. The Emerson interview was much less scary/more laid back than I thought it was going to be. You're asked 3 questions by your admissions counselor, have 12 mins to answer (plenty enough time imo) and the answers are recorded then sent to the review board with the rest of your application. I don't remember the questions exactly.. but they're along the lines of what would make you a successful grad student, why speech language pathology, etc. Nothing specific about research or knowledge in the field necessarily. GOOD LUCK, my advice is to relax and just be yourself. Answer honestly to the best of your ability and you'll do great.
  2. Hey, that's so exciting. Yes, my acceptances were for the May 2020 cohort-- so no worries. I think they're still going through applications for Fall. I actually decided to attend NYU of the schools I was accepted to... and I feel really confident in my choice! Classes start May 18th, but just my experience so far with Admissions and Student Success Advisors, and Webinars to familiarize myself with the program have been really helpful and very exciting. This program seems to be a great one-- and my course map until graduation proves the diversity of coursework. GOOD LUCK, I hope you get in!!
  3. I declined offers at Emerson College (online), Baylor University (online), and Lamar University. Good Luck everyone!
  4. I applied to 7! Mostly because I was favoring an online option and wanted to apply to both online and in person programs to give myself a higher likelihood of getting in. In hindsight, I think I probably applied to too many... honestly think 4 or 5 would have sufficed. The admission fee's and GRE scores sent, and transcript fees add up. But then again, expanding options is never a bad idea. Hope this helps! Decision: NYU! Accepted: Emerson College (online), Baylor University (online), New York University (online), Lamar University Offered Interviews (but declined): University of St Augustine, Our Lady of the Lake University Rejected: University of Houston
  5. I've also been accepted! Lamar is my undergrad institution (graduated in 2014) but I currently live in Houston. Undecided if I'll attend Lamar or do an online program I've been accepted into as well. LU has an EXCELLENT program-- the professors are great and super caring. As for living, I actually recommend looking for an apartment/house in the Nederland area. It's really close to the Lamar campus but a lot nicer (in my opinion) than some areas of Beaumont. Good Luck on the search and Congrats!!
  6. Yes, GPA was 4.0 in major, 3.89 cumulative. GRE scores were 149 Quant and 150 Verbal. 4.5 AW! Worked as an SLP-A in Texas for 3 years and felt I wrote a strong personal statement. Recommendations from two professors and one supervisor. Hope this helps!
  7. Congratulations! Emerson seemed the post personable to me, but I've decided to attend NYU because the program seems to match most closely to my goals and I feel the most excited about their program. The only hesitation (between NYU and a local in-person program at my undergrad institution) is COST. These online options are so expensive!!
  8. @AnnaM The turnaround was only a few weeks for me (from full submission to acceptance phone call/email) but I applied for the May 2020 cohort.. which I think they're still sending out decisions for. So they could be prioritizing those students first, then Fall 2020 students? I'm not really sure though since it's rolling admission. I would bet they'd get back with you soon (if they haven't by now). GOOD LUCK!
  9. Sure! Cumulative GPA is 3.89, CSD GPA is 4.0. GRE was 149 Q, 150 V, and 4.5 AW. I have 3.5 years experience as an SLP-A in Texas-- home health, ages 2-12 within multicultural and low-income families. Also a little international work as well. I graduated with my BS in 2014. I felt I wrote a strong personal statement, and had two professors + a supervisor write letters of rec for me. Hope that helps! GOOD LUCK!
  10. This is so helpful-- thank you for taking the time to answer! I've heard that from many NYU students-- that they LOVE the program, only complaint is cost. Which like you, many feel are worth it. Thanks again!
  11. @KEIM Yes, on their website and information it says they have that requirement.. but I guess since my grades were high and I've maintained an SLP-A license since 2014, they were approved. I agree with @MadisonMachelle -- I think it's a case by case basis.. up to the discretion of the admissions committee!
  12. YAY another mom! Yes, I did notice that about Baylor.. however I found out recently that with Baylor I'd have to retake ALL of my foundational courses (although I got As in them, they're over 5 years old....) and Emerson is not. Waiting to hear from NYU regarding this. It's also the same price comparatively as NYU and I've been favoring NYU's program. So I'll respond to Baylor tomorrow that I won't be attending. Down to two! Hoping for good news for you!
  13. I've heard ENMU has a great program and is super affordable, however I can't leave my hubby & baby for 4 months and he's got a business in our city.. so unfortunately it's a no-go for us 😕
  14. @bilingualspeechlife I'm a mom too-- that's also why my preference is online programs. It's so encouraging to hear I'm not the only mama dreaming to get a SLP graduate degree. Emerson was also MUCH quicker getting back to me with a decision.. they were the first. NYU was a few weeks after, and I just heard from Baylor this week. My exact timeline is the comment above Which program are you favoring so far? I'm rooting for you-- GOOD LUCK!
  15. @KEIM Baylor and NYU are pretty comparable in pricing, Emerson is the least expensive. I'm tempted to make a final decision based on that too.. And my application timeline is below! @speechie264 I submitted my application on November 20th, sent updated transcripts December 17th and got the call that I was accepted on January 21st. I submitted all three applications pretty much the same day, and Baylor was for sure the slowest and the admissions counselor was in contact the least. They've been nice and helpful, but just not as efficient with the application process. Hope they get back to you soon! GOOD LUCK to both of you-- I hope you get in, keep me updated!!
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