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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Was this for the May 2020 Cohort? Not familiar with the schools, but did want to go ahead and congratulate you! These programs are hard to get into. As a matter of fact, I am interested in NYU's online program Fall 2020. I just got a call yesterday and was asked if I had any questions regarding the application because I started it sometime back. I not quite sure if I should apply since I saw a few ppl get accepted already. Makes me think they have already or are close to choosing their Fall 2020 cohort. Any advice?
  2. Congratulation Sabrina!!!! So extremely happy for you!!! On another, you are right about the downs of spending too much time here! I interviewed with RMUoHP last week. It is my top school because of their medical focus. I find interest in adults and aspire to one day work in the hospital setting. This is going to sound dramatic, but I honestly have not been able to get good sleep since last weeks interview. I had another one this week with CAU for their Miami campus and have also not be able to stop thinking about it. I've been on a waiting game for almost 2 weeks now. Praying and hoping for the best. I saw your post about obtaining shadowing hours/experience.. so true. I believe that makes a resume stand out. I graduated with my bachelors in 2014, been an SLPA ever since and I shadowed a former supervisor at an LTAC hospital back in 2017. The years are passing and I am hoping I could use my shadowing hours to my advantage before they consider them "old hours". I also have been looking into Baylor University and NYU (have you heard about these programs?) because their deadline is in June. I am hesitant about applying to Baylor because I have seen on here that a good number of ppl have already been accepted so I'm not quite sure if I should spend my time and money in applying if the online cohort has already been accepted... 😞
  3. Did you apply for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021?
  4. Did you apply for Fall 2020 or Spring 2021?
  5. Has anyone been rejected from RMUoHP and applied again the following year? If so, what was your experience? Have you been considered, accepted?
  6. Hi there! I emailed and called about 3 weeks ago and haven't heard back. This is the second time I apply to UTEP and unfortunately both times I have been unable to get in contact with them. https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=university+of+el+paso&t=a&o=&pp=25
  7. Hi there!!! I know its been a while since you interview. I hope your interview went well and really hope you got accepted πŸ˜€. I am going to interview with RMU this Monday was was wondering if you were willing to share your interview experience and questions so I can better prepare myself. Thank you in advance!!!
  8. I read the other comments after posting mine. I found the answers I as looking for! Thank you for being so helpful. I am sure we are all appreciative of that. Blessings to you!
  9. Hello there!!! So kind of you! After 2 years, I am finally preparing myself for an interview with RMU this Mondy. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Wondering if you're willing to share your interview experience and questions that you remember... Thank you in advance!
  10. Hi there Sabrina! Hope I am not late in replying. I am new to THEGRADCAFE forum, wish i could've found it sooner. First off, I would like to give you words of encouragement for I know the field is competitive. I have been applying to Graduate School for 3 years now and I have had no luck I was starting lose hope and not feel I was competent enough. I even considered changing career, but I just didn't see myself pursing any other career. Lately, I have needed to work on myself by staying positive and not to mention making sure I worked on prereqs such a lettters of recc, SOP, grades, etc in order to increase my chances to finally getting accepted. I would like to mention that my hometown university waived the GRE scores from graduate programs because test centers are currently closed. I would call universities you applied to and ask if they followed the same rule and explain to them that it was your plan to retake it, but due to the circumstances you were unable too On another note, in several occasions I contacted schools regarding the GRE and to be honest some school do not focus solely on the GRE portion. There are a lot of other factors that play a role in your application.. volunteer hours, gpa, SOP, interview portion, etc. So take a breath, take it easy and pray for the best. Don't lose faith!
  11. hi feeling nervous before and after an interview is totally understandable and normal. I hope you already heard back from NOVA with great news!! I am currently feeling nervous! I have an interview this Monday with RMU. Wondering if you're willing to share any ideas or questions examples for an interview! πŸ™Œ thanks in advance!
  12. Hello! I will soon be having an interview over the phone with Rocky Mountain University for the graduate program in Speech Language Pathology! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I was wondering if anyone was willing to share any ideas or interview questions to better prepare myself! Thanks in advance! <3
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