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  1. I'm sorry to hear that but like you said, maybe it is a good thing for the time being. Do not give up! I did terrible on the GRE as well, so I'd advise you to apply to schools that don't take the GRE (such as Andrews University and Nova Southeastern University). And if you can, expand your options! I got waitlisted at my safety school and accepted to my top... so you can't ever know. You've got this! You can use this time to beef up your resume and to take a break. Try to get a job related to SLP, volunteer, work on your personal statement, etc. I wish you the best of luck!
  2. lmao I am so glad that I'm not the only one who is thinking like this! I accepted my offer like 2 weeks ago and I got an email back saying like "okay cool thx for letting us know" but I'm still so nervous something will happen and they'll just be like "so, about that offer..." We are being too paranoid lol. We just need to calm down. They can't really do that because 1. they had plenty of time to choose those who they wanted to accept and 2. they know we probably rejected other offers. it would crazy if they actually did that
  3. As long as you have any kind of valuable experience, you should be fine! I have a few friends who didn't do research as undergrads and got into some programs. Schools look at different things. I would encourage finding something to do this summer like volunteer, shadow, anything, as well as the start of your senior year prior to applying. I didn't start volunteering until my senior year and I think that helped me get in.
  4. I clearly have the background and experience! My GRE scores were similar to yours, so I decided to apply to programs that didn't take GRE scores. I applied to NOVA (in FL) but online and a school in MI named Andrews University. I got into both. Do not give up. You will get in somewhere. Find schools that meet your stats and do not be afraid to apply to schools that seem like a reach. I got waitlisted to my safety school and into my top choice. Each school looks for something different. I know people who got in with your GPA as well. So, don't feel discouraged. I would suggest going all out next round. I know applications are crazy expensive (as I am sure you know, too), so save up haha. You've got this! Son;t give up! You have so much experience that any grad school should be happy to have you.
  5. I applied to 8 schools. Got accepted to 6, waitlisted at one (which was my safety school) and rejected from one.
  6. Thank you! I was looking this up (not geared towards SLP tho) and so many comments were discussing how unprofessional and unethical it is because you gave them your word. It made me feel guilty, but ultimately, I must choose the program that best fits me and my needs and own up to my mistake with my undergrad institution.
  7. Yeah, I think the only thing that worries me is that they really want me (idk why tbh) and I feel so unprofessional doing this, but ultimately, my education is what matters to me. Hopefully, they'll understand. I plan to let them know this week.
  8. That's what I'm being told too! Like, I hope that's the case but what if it isn't? It's so tough because you don't how they're going to react or what they'll think after you do it. I keep getting mixed messages too on here at least (like when I look it up like burning bridges and starting off on a bad not) but our field isn't so small that it could ruin my reputation...right? Lol, I may be overthinking this. It's not like I am randomly changing my mind - I made a mistake thinking I was rejected from another school. And no worries! Feel free to vent haha we all gotta let it out!
  9. Thank you for replying! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one but I’m sorry you might have to go through this. Basically, it’s all my fault. I thought I was rejected from my top choice so I accepted my school’s offer and literally the next day, I found out that I was actually accepted to my top choice. So now...I’m very stuck 😕 I feel like an idiot honestly. If only I waited it out a little long. I love my school but I know the other program is a much better fit for me. I think I MIGHT have to go through with this and let them know of my mistake but I haven’t made an officls decision. Hoping to do that by the end of this week.
  10. Hey! So I don’t have to place a deposit. So basically, I thought I was rejected from the my top choice (but I wasn’t, I gave them the wrong email) so I decided to accept my school’s offer. And then, behold, next day I find out I got into my top choice. So I’m very stuck. I love my undergrad institution and the professors and all but I know that the other program I got into is a much much better choice for me.
  11. Has anyone accepted an offer and then changed their mind and rejected it??? I think I might have to do this and I'm worried an issue might occur. I haven't heard anything about a deposit for the school I accepted, however, I am nervous there will be consequences if I ask them of this!! Btw, this school is my undergraduate school! So it's gonna be awkward too!
  12. Has anyone accepted an offer and then change their mind and rejected it??? I think I might have to do this and I'm worried an issue might occur. I haven't heard anything about a deposit for the school I accepted however, I am nervous there will be consequences if I ask them of this!! Btw, this school is my undergraduate school! So it's gonna be awkward too!
  13. Definitely encourage applying to less competitive schools, however, I would also advise applying to reach schools. I got accepted to all except 1 of my reach schools and was waitlisted at my safety school. You never know! And make sure you look into each program to ensure yourself whether you can see yourself attending there or not!
  14. Totally feel you! But trust yourself! I keep reminding myself that even if I did forget some things, it's not like I've never seen them. You'll relearn without even knowing. It's not a foreign language, we know so much more than we think we do! Trust your abilities!! (This is advice for me as well lmao)
  15. I already asked this question on here, but I got to learn more about the program that I am interested in attending for this fall. The program that I would really like to attend is about 1 to 1:10 hour commute, however, I found out that the first semester, I only have to go to campus for classes 3x a week, and the semesters after that (in which I begin my clinical placements) I'm only required to drive to campus for classes 2x a week. They try to to work with you to get placements near where you live. I also found out that about 5-10 students a year usually commute from my city as well and heard that it's definitely doable. With all of this information, do you guys think its a good idea to commute? Thank you!
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