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  1. No problem at all! Honestly, I didn't have a ton of experience outside of school and work but still used what I could to make me stand out. For example, I made sure to include (when I can/ was asked) that I volunteered as an ESL tutor, did research with a prof in undergrad, and was on the board in a religious club I was apart of (for "leadership" or whatever lol). I also think making your personality stand out is important, too. Are you determined? Hard working? Do you genuinely care about working with others and watching them improve as you're working with them? How do you interact with others? I wore a women's suit. Simple. I can't dress up for the life of me so I went with whatever I saw lol. And I just prepared by practicing very basic questions I looked up - more specific towards SLP and SLP grad school. But don't over prepare and drive yourself crazy. You will be fine! I promise! I do have social anxiety, but I felt like preparing just enough and believing in myself (as corny as it sounds) did it right for me. And yes, I got into all of the places I interview for.
  2. I said this to someone else, too haha but I shared an answer in the comments to another person's question that was similar to yours. They were all questions regarding things about me that would make me a good slp and make me a good grad student for their program. Din't get asked any questions specifically based off my application. Hopefully my other comment will also be helpful to you. Good luck!
  3. Hey! I just responded to another comment with a similar question. I think you'll find m y answer helpful (hopefully). And honestly, they were not as scary as I thought they'd be. Try to go over basic questions yourself before you go in like "why slp?" and "why would you be a good fit in our program?" and such. Good luck!!
  4. Yes, of course! I've been on 3 different interviews. First one had 2 parts. First part was working on a mini presentation of a topic the interviewer gave us (I was with 2 other applicants). The main reasoning behind this is to see how do you work in a team. Make sure you contribute but ALSO listen to what others have to say and take it into consideration and leave room for others to talk. It's a team. Then after we completed that, we had a group interview. I remember being asked to list 5 things I like about myself, why do I think I'm a good fit for the program and what are things I have done that will prepare me to succeed as a grad student. Honestly, the questions weren't too bad. My other interview was going into different rooms with one. faculty member and an SLP from the community and they asked questions like "what would you do in this scenario." An example was, "what would you do if you got into 3 grad programs but your close friend got rejected from 3?" Another way, "teach us something." My last one was another group interview online and was asked, "in a group project, which position are you likely to take," and "talk about a time you were faced with an obstacle and how did you overcome it?" Hope these were helpful! Good luck in your interview! You'll do great
  5. I second this. The reddit SLP subform is your best bet to get the most helpful responses. But this comment also was a great response! I'm trying to get my foot in the door too to get some good medical internships and I do plan on doing the student training for MBSImP and LSVT loud.
  6. Hi! I remember the amount of times I checked grad cafe around this time last year. So, I'm here to answer any of your questions from how to prepare for a grad interview, to trying to pick between programs and what grad school is like. I know I needed something like this when I was applying/waiting to hear back. You guys got this!! Hope I can help
  7. Dude, your score is really good! I got lower scores (also below a 300) and I got accepted into all the programs I applied to (except for one that didn't require the GRE funny enough)
  8. I personally would stay away from Calvin University because they mainly take their own students. I applied with pretty high stats and found out someone else got in (I got rejected) and this person had lower stats than I did but did attend their undergrad. Grand Valley is good but I do know they care a lot about GPA. But this isn't to say you won't get in. They just look at GPA and GRE first to determine if they'll invite you for the interview or not.
  9. The other comment gave great advice. Honestly, out or pure laziness, I didn't upload another one and I got accepted into their program.
  10. So, I have a hit GPA like you but fairly low scores on the GRE. So, I applied to programs that did and did not require the GRE. I got into all the programs that required the GRE except for 1 which I was waitlisted at! So, I'd advise you got for it and apply to schools that do require the GRE and tens that don't. You never know, you might get in! You have a good GPA, experience. and good letters of rec! Those souled help a lot! Write a good personal statement, too and you'll be set! Schools that I applied to that don't require the GRE are Andrews University, Nova Southeastern University, and Calvin University
  11. I'm sorry to hear that but like you said, maybe it is a good thing for the time being. Do not give up! I did terrible on the GRE as well, so I'd advise you to apply to schools that don't take the GRE (such as Andrews University and Nova Southeastern University). And if you can, expand your options! I got waitlisted at my safety school and accepted to my top... so you can't ever know. You've got this! You can use this time to beef up your resume and to take a break. Try to get a job related to SLP, volunteer, work on your personal statement, etc. I wish you the best of luck!
  12. lmao I am so glad that I'm not the only one who is thinking like this! I accepted my offer like 2 weeks ago and I got an email back saying like "okay cool thx for letting us know" but I'm still so nervous something will happen and they'll just be like "so, about that offer..." We are being too paranoid lol. We just need to calm down. They can't really do that because 1. they had plenty of time to choose those who they wanted to accept and 2. they know we probably rejected other offers. it would crazy if they actually did that
  13. As long as you have any kind of valuable experience, you should be fine! I have a few friends who didn't do research as undergrads and got into some programs. Schools look at different things. I would encourage finding something to do this summer like volunteer, shadow, anything, as well as the start of your senior year prior to applying. I didn't start volunteering until my senior year and I think that helped me get in.
  14. I clearly have the background and experience! My GRE scores were similar to yours, so I decided to apply to programs that didn't take GRE scores. I applied to NOVA (in FL) but online and a school in MI named Andrews University. I got into both. Do not give up. You will get in somewhere. Find schools that meet your stats and do not be afraid to apply to schools that seem like a reach. I got waitlisted to my safety school and into my top choice. Each school looks for something different. I know people who got in with your GPA as well. So, don't feel discouraged. I would suggest going all out next round. I know applications are crazy expensive (as I am sure you know, too), so save up haha. You've got this! Son;t give up! You have so much experience that any grad school should be happy to have you.
  15. I applied to 8 schools. Got accepted to 6, waitlisted at one (which was my safety school) and rejected from one.
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