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  1. Does anyone know if Penn State waitlists applicants? Or is it just acceptance or rejection?
  2. Thanks for letting me know! how was it? I'm guessing I got rejected then - I haven't heard anything yet and I can't imagine they send acceptances out after the open house
  3. I haven't heard anything either but I wasn't asked to interview. I went on the portal and it said a decision was in process on 3/29. I'm assuming it's a reject since I wasn't asked to interview.
  4. Thank you! Congrats on your acceptance as well. That is great to hear. Maybe I will contact her or someone in the department to try to get more information. I consider that a great pro
  5. Hi guys! So like most of you, I am trying to decide between schools. Although I'm still wanting to hear back from my top choice (Penn State) I realize that I can't wait forever and the closer it gets to April 15th (probably) the less likely I am to get in. So I'm considering my current 3 acceptances that I have. I have been accepted at Ithaca College, East Stroudsburg University, and Radford University. I have not visited any officially yet, but I am going to see ESU on Friday and I grew up about 30 minutes from Ithaca so I know the area well (but not the program obviously). I am waiting to he
  6. Has anyone heard about an Open House date for Penn State?
  7. Is anyone else planning on going to East Stroudsburg's Open House Friday?
  8. Yes, I know it's still kind of early to hear back but I'm getting antsy and there are still many schools that I have not heard from. Should I just try to be patient and wait? Especially for my number one school? Or do you think there is going to come a point that I should contact the school if I have not heard anything? Thoughts? Thank you!
  9. Everyone gets different advice from advisors and professor - not to mention everyone's financial situation is different. So out of curiosity how many schools did you apply to?
  10. I apologize if this is a common knowledge question -- but is it ok to accept an offer of admission after april 15th? especially if you already commit to a school? I have not heard from my number one school yet and I was waitlisted at my number two, but I have been accepted to 3 other places so far. Say I decide to accept my offer of admission at my number 3 school by let's say april 13th, then I hear from my number 2 school on april 17th that I was accepted off of the waitlist and there is a spot open for me. Am I allowed to forfeit my money (deposit) at my number 3 school to then accept my of
  11. I'm still waiting as well. I haven't heard anything about an interview
  12. Sorry, I literally just made a post new post asking before I saw this. Does anyone know if there is one for East Stroudsburg? I also got email today about one for Radford.
  13. Has there been a Facebook group made yet for accepted students? I'm super excited! I got an email on 2/27 (Also my birthday!) and I would like to connect with others/learn more about the program.
  14. Ok I need some hope. I know there is already a thread related to this but I haven't heard back from Penn State yet and I'm just worried that they have sent out all of their acceptances and I just haven't heard yet because it's a rejection. My portal hasn't changed - it still says they are reviewing my application. Does anyone know if Penn State sends out either acceptance/rejections in waves? I saw that a lot of people heard back on the 27th and they were all acceptances. I just want to know in case I have to prepare myself for the worst - it my number one school. Thanks! Sorry for my rambling
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