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  1. Hey! I’ve been a SLPA in Massachusetts for the past three years! It looks like you can apply to be an SLPA, but you have a degree plus 18 credit hours of coursework in Speech (check this out https://www.mass.gov/files/documents/2017/10/30/260cmr2.pdf ) Is there any way to take another summer class to get more credit hours? Or, could you look into other options? SLPA jobs are pretty hard to come by and many schools will be hiring pretty soon. When you apply for the license it takes them a couple weeks to get back to you, which would push off your start date for work until at least September. I’d suggest looking into teacher’s assistant/ paraprofessional jobs or ABA therapy jobs. These jobs would be a great experience because you’ll be able to work with language and communication in some capacity.
  2. You can definitely get in, but there are some programs that require a b- or better for those pre-reqs.
  3. I was between two programs and I made a huge pro/ cons list. The biggest factors and really what it came down to for me was the summer start versus fall start and the candidate versus accredited school. I also thought it was a sign that a woman who was a part of the interview team for the candidate school was a graduate of the accredited school. The two schools were five hours away from each other in different states! I just happened upon an article that included her from the accredited school’s Facebook page. Congrats on getting off the waitlist! I really don’t think you could go wrong with either decision!
  4. Concordia university in Wisconsin is another accredidation candidate and I think they’re still accepting applications.
  5. Yup, I’m going to have to do this if I choose to accept one of my offers. I have 25 hours and have been an SLPA but im missing a clinical methods class (where people do the observation hours), so I’ll have to take it online over the summer. If you can start your search early and see if the schools you’re interested in would require this as well, then you can plan accordingly.
  6. Congrats on your acceptances! I also got into Radford but I was waitlisted at Ithaca. I went to the open house for Radford and it seems like a great program! One of the graduate students I talked with actually went to a Ithaca and chose Radford over other schools because of how kind the faculty were. Dr. Millar at Radford went to Penn state for her PHD and she’s actually published with Dr. Light. I’d count that as a huge pro! Best of luck with your decision!
  7. Have you looked to see where the professors got their PHD? I can’t help but think that may be a good indicator as they may still have connections at the school they attended.
  8. Has anyone decided on this program? I’m currently deciding between this program and one other program. Just curious if anyone has accepted their spot!
  9. My roommate in college was waitlisted at our university. I believe she followed up multiple times after April 15th, expressing her interest. She finally got in a few weeks after graduation! I would say wait until April 15th, and follow up after.
  10. Has anyone heard anything else?
  11. I applied and haven't heard anything either. I saw some posts on the results page about interviews. I'm not sure what to think just yet.
  12. Hi everybody! I’ve seen lots Radford acceptances on the results page. Congrats everybody! I figured I would create a topic to chat with the potential cohort. I’m from out of state and don’t know much about the campus other than what I’ve read online. I’m thinking about going to the open house but it’s not set in stone yet! I’m super excited!
  13. They said that decisions will be made by end of March!
  14. I’m constently checking my email! The wait is awful. I’m curious how the acceptance letters via mail come. Remember when we applied to college and acceptance letters would come in big envelopes and denial letters would come in regular envelopes? Do you think it’s the same for grad school?
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