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  1. I applied to 9 and that honestly feels like a lot now that I look back. Save your money! I think 3 schools is a solid number.
  2. I had a lower GPA and got in my first try. Definitely don’t give up! Rather than retaking courses and spending $$$$, focus on your applications and making sure you show that you are awesome!
  3. I took it twice, but only because I thought I could do better if I actually studied HAHA. Didn’t really make much of a difference and I wish I saved that money instead!
  4. I took 2 years off to work full time in speech research! In my letter of intent, I spoke about the work I did and how that solidified my interests in the field. I'd talk about how that experience will make you a successful candidate (i.e. working with children, dynamic environments, etc.). It seems like a fair amount of applicants come straight out of undergrad, so that already makes you stand out a bit!
  5. One B is totally fine! You'll be fine to apply super easily. I'm pretty jealous actually because my transcript was crazy LOL but hey, I got into school the first round of applications! Best of luck.
  6. I found Magoosh to be very helpful. That's all I used throughout my GRE prep.
  7. Hi! I've had 2-3 Cs on my transcripts from pre-med and a D in a CSD course (I retook it and got an A) oops LOL and I got into the schools in my signature in my first round of applications. It's possible. Remember, it's more than just a numbers game!! Good luck
  8. I didn't get any scholarships lol so I had to make a decision based on what school would give the best bang for the buck. A lot of people told me that I should choose the cheapest option... but, I also wanted to consider the cost of living in the area, clinical opportunities, and curricula. I'm going to a school in a city that I already live in, so I don't have to worry about the financial costs and stress of moving to a new place. Also, IHP offers a very medically-focused curricula that I was very interested in. Of course, the focuses of a program don't really matter because at the end of the day, the schools have to meet all ASHA standards, but I really wanted to make sure that I enjoyed my time in school, too.
  9. I declined Columbia (and NYMC, although that's not in the city)
  10. Hi! I've lived in the Boston area for a few years and will be happy to help figure out places to live and finding roommates. DM if interested.
  11. MGH IHP has voice and medical concentrations! Also, BU has great research in voice. Boston is a great place to be.
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