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  1. BioCook

    "low" GPA acceptances

    I have a 3.23 undergraduate GPA and have gotten into 6/9 schools with the rest as waitlists (see signature below). It happens! I took 2 gap years and worked the whole time, which I think really helped make my application more favorable. Let me know if you have more questions.
  2. BioCook

    Is anyone else worried about this?

    I'm pretty stressed out about it... I'm happy I came out of college with minimal debt, but without scholarships, thinking about paying the full price tag is terrifying.
  3. BioCook

    Accepted in MGH, SLP Fall 2019

    Is anyone going to the open house and want to say hi/chat for a bit? Excited to meet others in my (potential) future cohort!
  4. BioCook

    Accepted in MGH, SLP Fall 2019

    I haven’t seen a page for it yet... it might be for invite only once you submit a deposit (NYMC did that). Maybe we should create one!
  5. BioCook

    Accepted in MGH, SLP Fall 2019

    Cool! I’m 95% sure I’m going to MGH. Maybe we’ll be in the same cohort, my subreddit friend haha
  6. BioCook

    Accepted in MGH, SLP Fall 2019

    I’ll be going for the whole day! I’ll let you know how it is. PM me if I don’t remember haha
  7. Anyone willing to chat about TC in general? I’m having a difficult time choosing between some schools and would like any input to help me in the decision making process. 🤤
  8. BioCook

    Boston University Open House

    You're going to the MGH one too, right? Maybe I'll see you there!
  9. I'm going to second the question above about BU v. TC. I'm between MGH v. TC at the moment and want to go medical. I'm not bilingual, so that focus from TC doesn't apply to me.
  10. BioCook

    An Agreement to Help Out Later On

    Sweet! I'm starting to do my research on student outcomes, etc. and it's overwhelming...
  11. BioCook

    An Agreement to Help Out Later On

    I'm really excited to help out on this forum and r/slpgradschool once I've chosen a program. I've found it very helpful to have dialogue not only with current applicants, but also students at schools where I'm applying. Happy to help!
  12. I completely understand where you're coming from. A lot of clinicians I work with tell me to go to the cheapest school! No matter where you go, you'll come out with a degree. That being said, I can also understand why you want to choose a particular program based on location (which essentially comes down to externships). My internal dialogue is a disaster ("I have been in Boston for 7 years and have great friends here... BU and MGH are excellent schools but that means I have to be in Boston even longer... I want to find a new city/area to explore!") and I'm having a hard time settling down with it lol. I'd love to go back to Boston one day also, but I think I need a change for a few years. Grad school is only 2 years too! So your CFY can be at any area you didn't go to. Do you have a specific focus that you want to do in speech (i.e. medical, voice, research)? I think that would help narrow down your options (i.e. BU is great for fluency and voice, Emerson for school, MGH for medical/voice, Pitt for medical/voice + no on-campus clinic). I'm happy to discuss Boston schools (plus Pitt and GW) with you further! It's a tough decision, especially when you've got a lot of great options to filter through. In terms of affording grad school, that GA position sounds like an amazing start! That's what I'd do, plus little jobs on the side like babysitting. I'll have to think of more!
  13. BioCook

    New York, NY

    Hey all - I'm considering Teachers College, Columbia and was wondering what the biking scene is like in the area? Still trying to figure out what area I'd live in if I choose TC, but it looks like there's some good options on the Hudson River Greenway? I don't mind city biking (I currently commute in Boston in warmer weather) but was hoping to get an idea of what the paths are like in the early morning and later at night. Thanks!
  14. BioCook

    Boston University Open House

    I will most likely attend the reception at the end of the day. Unfortunately, I work during the day and cannot take the time off to go to the welcome/presentations.
  15. Thanks for checking! I was wondering what the process was for that. Money is definitely a huge factor in my decision, and I hope it will be favorable for all of us.

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