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  1. Hey everyone! I'm starting grad school in August and I'm wondering if cohorts are typically good friends with one another.. I'm sure it probably depends but I really want to make new close friends and would love to hear y'alls experiences!
  2. Hello! So I saw on the results page that two people were accepted as "early admits". If either of y'all are reading this post, when did you submit your applications?? I'm freaking out a little if you can't tell but congrats on being accepted!
  3. Ccceeewww97

    Academic Update Verification

    I'm having the same problem. But the school I'm applying to through CSDCAS doesn't require fall grades so I'm not too worried about it, I just wanted to add them to boost my gpa.
  4. Oh hello! I submitted my statement of purpose on Dec. 31 but in the myunt checklist it still says statement of purpose. I guess the graduate college hasn't processed it yet? I'm worried that this means my application will be considered incomplete. Idk if you'll know the answer to this but thanks in advance!
  5. Ccceeewww97

    CSDCAS Academic Update

    Should I update my transcripts even if the school I'm applying to doesn't require fall 2018 grades? My app has already been verified, so will the academic update make my application unverified?
  6. Ccceeewww97

    GRE Score Report

    I took the GRE on December 12 and sent my scores to my schools right after the test. The website says 10-15 days after the test my scores will be available in my Ets account as well as sent to my designated schools. My scores were available in my account today but it still says pending under score recipients. Does this mean they haven't been sent yet?
  7. Ccceeewww97

    Ignore this

    Ignore this
  8. Ccceeewww97

    CSDCAS GRE Update?

    Thank you so much, that is very helpful!
  9. Ccceeewww97

    CSDCAS GRE Update?

    Does anyone know if you can update your gre scores through CSDCAS? I just retook the gre yesterday and did better than the first time. I'm worried my scores will not arrive at CSDCAS by January 1st (my first deadline). Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. So I put NSSLHA on my resume with the dates of August 2017-present; however, I really haven't been an active member the past two semesters due to my work schedule. I gave one of my professors my resume to use while she writes my letter of recommendation and I'm worried she will find out I wasn't an active member and write me a bad LOR. Should I send her an updated resume and explain that I wasn't a true active member of NSSLHA this year? Or should I just leave it be, I'm freaking out lol. Thanks in advance.
  11. Ccceeewww97

    Should I just change my major and give up?

    Do NOT give up! There are plenty of grad schools that will accept you with a 3.4 GPA. Especially if you are a strong applicant in other areas such as good GRE scores, experience, letters of rec., etc. In your personal statement you can explain the reason for your lower GPA which will a lot!
  12. Anyone who was admitted to Texas State or Texas Woman's last year willing to share their stats/experience? Just trying to figure out what they're looking for. Thanks!

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