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  1. Did you improve your second time taking it?
  2. Do you think it did make you stand out? I have 2 academic and 1 supervisor right now, but could ask another supervisor.
  3. Hi everyone, How many times did you take the GRE? I really only want to take it once, but hear some people talking about how crazy it would be to take it once and needing it twice. It's expensive and I just want to take it once early November. If you only took it once, what helped you?
  4. Hi all, Needing advice on letters of recommendation. I have two work supervisors that I trust would write really good letters for me and then could get another from either a professor or an SLP I've shadowed. I've heard some people talk about having two from academic people rather than more than one from other areas such as work related or professionals. How did you all go about this? Who were your letters of rec from? In your experience, do schools care much about WHO they are from or the quality of the letter being written about the candidate? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! How long does it take schools to receive GRE scores? I am looking at testing on October 26th, but want to be certain all of my schools would have ample time to receive scores. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi all! I am visiting a potential grad school soon and was hoping to hear how that went for some of you. What types of questions should I ask? Do you feel it helped you gain admittance by visiting? What to expect? Thank you!
  7. Hi all! I will be taking the GRE likely before the end of the summer, and curious as to how each of you did well? I have Magoosh but have been lazy about using it (doesn't expire until July though so still time). I bought a book but it was so thin and I finished the questions in it within four hours. I have flashcards which I definitely need to study more because I have realized vocab is difficult for me. Please let me know what you found to be effective/enabled you to do well! Also, for how long did you study? Thanks SO much!
  8. Congratulations! I think it's important to remember that GPA truly isn't everything. I used to worry all the time but just finished my junior year and have a 3.4 cumulative, but a 3.8 CSD GPA. I would definitely calculate your CSD GPA (using only CSD classes -- hearing science, phonetics, sign language courses, etc.) and use that to boost your confidence a bit. Focusing on only your GPA can be a major cause of stress, especially in this field. Best of luck to you! There are very few feelings better than ending the semester with great grades so I hope you celebrated!
  9. Do you feel like schools really like to use this GPA when making decisions? Just discovered this fact and my CSD gpa is pretty good, so curious as to how much schools weigh on it.
  10. Do you feel like schools really like to use this GPA when making decisions? Just discovered this fact and my CSD gpa is pretty good, so curious as to how much schools weigh on it.
  11. To calculate CSD GPA, is this literally just taking the GPA of only CSD courses? Such as language development, speech science, hearing science, phonetics, etc. Dumb question and I think the answer is obvious, but just double checking. Thanks in advance!
  12. Would you mind sharing your stats? What do you think made you stand out this time around or what was your experience the first time around? Thank you!
  13. Do you mind sharing your GPA and GRE scores? I have a 3.4 and haven't taken the GRE yet. I always imagine I'll feel the need to apply to this many when I do in the fall. Thank you!
  14. Has anyone been accepted into Marshall University? Do you mind sharing your stats? Opinion of the program? Thank you!
  15. Hi! First of all, CONGRATS on getting in! I can't imagine how excited you are. What do you feel helped you make up for your low GPA?
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