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  1. My freshman year of undergrad I took physics to fulfill the physical science requirement of the CSD major. On the first test I did very poorly (physics is NOT my strong suit) so I decided to take the course as a pass/no pass so it wouldn't negatively affect my GPA in the long run. Before I officially changed the course to pass/no pass, I contacted my CSD advisor to double check it was okay, and she said it was totally fine to do that. Fast forward to now, I'm about to start my senior year and I will be applying to schools in the fall. I've seen a lot of people on various websites saying t
  2. I know these posts asking for reassurance can be quite annoying, but I've been majorly stressing imagining myself getting denied from all of the schools I apply to. I have a tendency to really doubt myself so I often need a little nudge of positivity. I'm applying this fall to the University of Oregon, University of Montana, Minnesota State University, University of Minnesota - Duluth, Idaho State University, and CU Boulder. I've used ASHA's EdFind to look at stats, but I always fear that those aren't reliable because I'll see different stats on the school's official websites. I have a 3
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