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  1. I also had max credits. The only way I qualified was applying as a “graduate leveling student”. But as was mentioned above, I suppose it might not be worth it if you only need 1 class.
  2. Hi! I follow you on IG. I'm not sure about the cost at St Augustine...maybe I can offer you an alternative? I attend ENMU it's around $800 for 3 units. I qualified for financial aid for 1 year for their leveling courses.
  3. Thanks for the great advice. I was going to give them a few more weeks to respond. I'm sure they are insanely busy and get 100s of emails. We'll see!
  4. Did anyone have trouble getting LORs as a distance student? So far, only 1 professor has accepted my request for an LOR. One professor, I sent an email a little over a week ago... the other 5 days ago. How long should I wait before typing up a follow email? I don't want to come off pushy or annoying. I did not spend a lot of time cultivating close relationships with these professors. I'm afraid they won't feel comfortable writing me one because I've never interacted with them in person.
  5. Did they provide any funding? I am applying there as well but I am worried about the cost. I'm also terrified that my quant scores on the GRE are going to be abysmal. Do you know if a low quant score can disqualify during the admission process? To the OP: Imani a youtuber is an NYU distance student that discuss her experience on a regular basis. Here's a specific video concerning the program at NYU.
  6. Oh ok, that's a good idea.I hope they do that at my test taking center.
  7. Oh no! I don’t know if I can remember the codes for all the schools I’m applying to. Especially at the end of the exam and my brain is fried. 😞
  8. How does this work? Would I be allowed to have the list of schools written down with their GRE codes on the day I take the exam? Or is their a search functionality where you can type the name of the school? Thanks
  9. I'm having a tough time as well! I wish I had real advice but here are some sources that I've find useful. https://slpecho.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/letterofintent_slpgradschool/
  10. BUMP This is so helpful!
  11. That makes sense for a history program. Sorry, I assumed you were referring to SLP grad programs. Good luck to you too.
  12. That's good news! I wasn't sure if there was a delay because of the holiday season.
  13. According to ed find: GPA Range for Applicants Offered Admission: 3.30-3.90 https://www.asha.org/eweb/ashadynamicpage.aspx?efk=38caae10-5dce-46f6-abb4-a72908c1ec26&efp=16456&site=ashacms&webcode=edfinddetail
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