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  1. Hi everyone! I took one prereq fall of 2019, and ordered an updated transcript to be sent to the schools but it hasn't arrived through CSDCAS yet. My deadlines are coming up to apply, and I'm confused if my application is okay to submit before this transcript with one class updated is received. Everything else is set, and I had sent transcripts earlier that were received showing that class as "in progress". I really just want to know if my application should be okay to submit by my deadlines, even if CSDCAS hasn't received my updated transcripts. Does this make sense? I feel like it is confusing! Thanks!
  2. I have a BS but not in communication disorders. I studied music therapy. I am still working on narrowing down graduate schools that will accept my application for a MA in SLP without taking pre-reqs or getting a second bachelors. If you were out of field when you applied, how did you narrow down schools? How did you find those that would accept you? I am feeling overwhelmed even with months of searching. Let me know if you have tips!
  3. Thank you everyone for responding! I truly appreciate the help and insight! ?
  4. Hi, I'm new to Grad Cafe. In short, I studied Music therapy in undergrad, but looking to make a bit of a change and go into Speech pathology. I'm looking for grad programs that include the year of prerequisites in their grad program for people like me who have an unrelated Bachelor's degree (making their Master's a 3-year program). I'm not talking about the post-bacc programs, because I don't have the out of pocket money for that year of classes. Thanks!!
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