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  1. Hi there! I also plan to move 13 hours away from home this fall for my program. It is a little intimidating; I did go to school out of state for undergrad but only 3 hours away. I also am a little nervous like you, but try and remind myself that I could end up loving it so much more than home. I don't like the idea of being away from anyone and everything familiar, but if I want this career it is the choice i have to make. Homesickness will be unavoidable at some point, but it doesn't have to be forever. Maybe you can still visit for the holidays, and you will be so distracted by your busy schedule I think the time will fly by!
  2. This is all very true! Thank you. I know schools must expect some people to have to do this as well, it may not be a shock to them since they do this every year. Good luck with everything! This is a crazy time for sure.
  3. I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but I haven't received any financial aid packages from my schools yet. I completed FAFSA very early, and I'm waiting to see my aid so I can properly evaluate cost of the programs I've been accepted to; is it still early to hear about aid? What do others do in this situation? Have you reached out to schools' FA office (or other) about aid or wait for them to email you? I have checked portals and haven't seen anything. I checked my FAFSA and it says it is complete and verified for my schools. I would have thought some information on aid would have come with my acceptance letter, but so far no information. Thanks in advance!
  4. Right?! Makes it hard on me, and I would hate to accept and later decline an offer but it may be what I have to do in the end. Thank you for your response!
  5. I'm confused on this too! I don't know who I should email asking about my aid package from the schools that accepted me. Is it possible that a FA package is only sent to those officially admitted?
  6. Thank you! I really appreciate that. Also, when you asked about cost of your program, did you email your graduate program coordinator? Thank you again!
  7. YES! I feel your pain!! Especially since now I know I won't hear from my other school of choice until May/June I wish there was more I could do
  8. $500, which is a lot at least for me haha. Especially during this time when my income is affected by the crisis but, I suppose if this is what I want I have to do what I have to do right?
  9. Hi there! I'm wondering the same as poster above about FA. Who did you email when asking your programs? Just the FA office, the SLP department, or someone else? Unsure of who is the most appropriate to ask. Thank you!!
  10. I'm not sure! I suppose I could ask? This is my first time applying to graduate school and I'm nervous to follow protocols that I don't even know Glad to know I'm not alone!
  11. So I have an acceptance to an out of state school for SLP, and am very honored! However, I am waiting on my in-state school to respond. I just found out my in-state school doesn't have interviews/final decision day until "late May-early June", and I have to pay a deposit to the other school by April 15th to secure a spot. Any advice?? I don't want to be unethical, however I would like to chance to hear from all my schools of choice. Thanks in advance! also side note: the out of state school mentioned I am next in line to get an assistantship if someone rejects offer. Should I follow up on that if I haven't heard, or wait for them to contact me? That's also likely the only way I could afford the out of state schol.
  12. I'm still waiting on a few schools! I am unsure if it is due to the virus or not. I hope I hear from them all soon so I can be timely with acceptances and denials too
  13. I'm starting to be concerned, but not panicked I have decided not to travel and see the school that accepted me, which is unfortunate, but doing my best to scope out others who have been there and reach out to them along with online research about the area. I am more concerned about the schools I've yet to hear from, as I want to be timely with my acceptance response to the schools that have reached out to me, but I also want to see what all my options are. The virus has kind of suspended everything for a lot of people at this time, including many faculty I'm sure, so I'm resigning to waiting this out for a while longer before I reach out. Hopefully most schools and faculty are understanding during this time as it isn't something anyone expected.
  14. I was also waitlisted there middle of February! No timeline for hearing back from them as of now.
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