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  1. Looks like ACU updated their policy recently here, which says they welcome students with differing viewpoints, lifestyles, etc. that disagree with their own. Baylor’s policy makes it sound like they might reject a student in the LGBTQ community, however, I don’t think that’s the case based on this article (seems like recognition is a big problem, but maybe not rejection). Hope it all works out for you!
  2. When I taught abroad I had to get a TEFL certificate and found my position through Dave’s ESL Cafe.
  3. I get why you’re nervous (this is such a crazy process!) but I really don’t think you need to stress about getting a C on a non-CSD. You got this!
  4. I would recommend trying to get your quant up to 150. I’m bad at math and hadn’t taken a math class in probably over 5 years and managed to get a 155. Learned the concepts using the Princeton Review book, and practiced using the 5 lb Book of GRE Questions. Practice and time to practice are key. Good luck
  5. Just to clarify, it's not that these online schools have poor reputations overall, just with certain picky schools. You'll probably find a lot of people have been successful with them. The one I was able to recall was USU and here's a little bit on that one. I recommend if there are any grad programs you really have your heart set on, reach out to them now to make sure they don't have any biases against your online post-bacc program so there aren't any surprises. Also, completely agree with @slporbust2016.
  6. Will you have all of your pre-reqs (CSD and ASHA basic science courses) by Fall 2020? I think that would be the only thing holding you back.
  7. Given the number of units you need to hit a 3.0, maybe the second bachelors, but be careful with online programs because some have reputations among grad programs of grade inflation. When you go to apply to grad school be sure to explain why your GPA is so low in your SOP, and apply to a lot (at least 7) of less competitive schools using ASHA EdFind. Try to get as close to a 4.0 as possible in your CSD classes and give the GRE your everything. Build strong relationships with your professors in order to get great letters of recommendation and prioritize research experience, followed by shadowi
  8. I got 155 on math despite sucking at it. I used the Princeton Review book to learn the concepts, and the 5lb. Book of GRE Questions to practice. The practice made all the difference. 160 on verbal. I learned some good strategies for that with the Princeton Review book, but a lot of it came down to vocab drill apps. You don’t have to know all of the words, just some and at least the connotations (good/bad) of others, to get by.
  9. A 3.91 is plenty to be considered for almost all schools, even the most competitive. Here's more info on programs that incorporate post-bacc/leveling work into the masters and don't require it to be completed prior.
  10. I applied to CSU Fullerton, but wasn't invited to interview. 4.0 CSD GPA, but 3.75 overall, over 300 GRE. I know a couple people who got interviews that had done research. I feel like not getting involved in research was a big missed opportunity for me, so if you still have time, I highly suggest it! Waitlisted at PSU. I was really impressed by their program and campus.They have a strong medical emphasis if that's your interest.
  11. That 4.0 CSD is everything! Keep it and get your overall GPA a little higher and you've got this! When it's finally time to apply, select a variety of schools and use ASHA EdFind to check your stats. Also leave ample time to study for and take the GRE.
  12. You have great experiences and your stats are good. However, it’s really hard to get into CA schools, particularly CSUs because they take less of a holistic approach with some imposing an arbitrary GPA cutoff to narrow down the hundreds of applications they receive. I think with a 3.68 GPA, it could be challenging to get into a CSU (though not impossible!). I would lean heavily into applying to private CA schools, at least 4 out of state schools, and a couple handpicked CSUs you think you’d have the best shot at. Rely on EdFind as you pick your schools. I think if you do that and apply a
  13. That’s a bummer 😕. Why do you think everyone got off on the wrong foot?
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