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  1. You probably wouldn't be able to do a post-bacc program. I believe they are for people with degrees in other fields. Chemeketa Community College in Oregon has an online SLPA program ($115/credit). Maybe can you do this, work as an SLPA for a year or two and then try to prove to a school that you are capable of becoming an SLP.
  2. I reached out to Arizona State University and Chemeketa Community College. Here’s what they said in regards to already having a Bachelor’ Degree: Arizona State University: If you already have a Bachelor’s degree just apply as a transfer student. Anything with a C or higher can be applied to your major at ASU. The SHS program requires a 2.5 GPA (it’s possible to be admitted to the program with something lower, but no guarantees). Your Bachelor’s degree waives the high school transcript requirement but all your colleges will need to send official transcripts. The review process may take 2-6 weeks. Chemeketa Community College: Yes, they take students that already have Bachelor’s degrees. The deadline for the Fall 2019 cohort is tomorrow, June 1st!!!
  3. I, too, have a low GPA due to personal reasons. I have a B.S. Psychology. I just found the following: Chemeketa Community College in Oregon has an online SLPA program. It's $115/credit (flat rate, residency doesn't matter). They have a Certificate of Completion and an Associate of Applied Science. Arizona State University has an online BS in Speech & Hearing Sciences. It's 40 classes and 7.5 weeks per class. About $13k for 12 hours or $607 per credit hours for non-Arizona residents. I hope this blesses someone! ❤️
  4. Just curious, how detail oriented did you get in your SoP? My low GPA is because I developed a rare autoimmune disease and it took a while to get diagnosed and find the proper medication. Would you recommend I share what it is and how it affected me or would that be over-sharing?
  5. Thank you for sharing that! I am researching now. I’ll be signing up for my physics, bio, and stats courses at my local community college.
  6. My GPA for my first 31 hours (because one semester had 16 hours) is 2.68. ETA: do you think a post-back program would be okay, too? Or do you highly recommend the 2nd bachelors degree?
  7. How do I know which online schools have a poor reputation? Does Longwood have a poor reputation?
  8. I have a BS in psychology with a 2.44 gpa. Long story short, I was aiming to please my parents by staying in school instead of taking a break. I developed a rare autoimmune disease and it took a while to get everything under control. Would a 2nd bachelor’s degree in CSD look better than a post-baccalaureate program? I ask because a lot of schools require a minimum 3.0 from your bachelors degree. My last semester gpa was 3.8 (all health issues finally under control). ETA: I don’t know how 2nd bachelors degrees are calculated, but if your GPA continues, I would need 110 credit hours of a 4.0 to get my cumulative GPA to 3.0.
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