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  1. I believe you have nothing to worry about! I was able to get into three of six CSUs I applied to with 152 (45th percentile) in math and 159 (83rd percentile) in verbal.
  2. If you indicated that you speak another language, they have you take an additional language assessment. I heard it was some kind of computer-based assessment program last year. Good luck at your interview!
  3. I also went through CSUSM to complete my prereqs and heard about a similar problem last year. The director said that the department contacted ASHA and was given confirmation that the SLP 320 and PHYS 357 should meet the ASHA requirements because they are GEs at the university. You might try contacting the SLP prep program director at CSUSM for some guidance.
  4. In the grad program I attend, most professors at least briefly review the basics for each course. The students in our program come from a variety of schools that had different required classes, so the professors are good about getting everyone on the same level. Prior to starting, the program did provide us with a few review materials (mainly IPA). I also spent about a week reviewing important concepts from each course I had taken before the program started, but I don’t think that was necessary for the program I ended up attending.
  5. Hi @JenJenn, I also came in from a different field with no related experience. I remember it being easy to enroll in the post-bacc program. There were two options: go through the full program (cohort-based) or take individual classes (non-cohort). To be eligible for the cohort, we had to have no more than two courses already satisfied. The application was very basic and I think just required transcripts. Shortly after I applied, I received an email with a form that listed which classes I had already fulfilled and which I would be able to complete through the post-bacc program if I were admitted. I’m not sure if they used GPA as a factor for admission or if they just accepted everyone who applied, because the program was pretty large (maybe around 70 in the cohort).
  6. I had a great experience completing an online post-bac through California State University, San Marcos. When applying to grad programs, I was worried that schools would not accept the certificate as equal to a bachelor’s degree, but this turned out to not be a problem at all. There were a few programs that required certain prerequisite courses to be taken, so I avoided the ones where I didn’t think my courses met the requirements. One program I applied to said they would allow us to take any missing prerequisite courses after being admitted. I didn’t have any direct experience in the field outside of observations, so I got creative with my unrelated experiences to explain how I would be a good candidate in the letters of intents and interviews. My undergrad GPA was good though not spectacular, but I had a 4.0 in the post-bac program. I ended up applying to 6 schools in California. I was accepted to 3, waitlisted at 1, and rejected from 2.
  7. I received a rejection email tonight. The time sent for the email says 3:32 PM, but I didn't receive the email in my inbox until 9:30 PM, so I wonder if there is some kind of delay in the system (or could just be a problem on my end).
  8. I have been waiting to hear back as well. I hope they will send the results before April 15. I tried calling last week to see if this would be likely, but the person who answered the phone was not sure. He could only say to expect notifications in the middle of April, which to him meant anywhere from the 10th to the 20th.
  9. CAS ID is your identification number in the CSDCAS system. You can find it at the top-right corner (under your name) after logging into CSDCAS.
  10. I am not sure if the experience is the same for all programs, but the questions I encountered using the Kira Talent system were pre-recorded and/or displayed on the screen. Pre-recorded questions had accompanying transcriptions. In addition to questions that asked for oral responses, there were also some that asked for written responses, which was a surprise to me. After setting up my profile and being walked through a system requirement check, I was able to answer unlimited practice questions to get comfortable with the format of a video interview before doing the actual interview. Overall, the system was pretty easy to use.
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