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  1. Hello, This is my second time applying to online post-bacc programs (since I was rejected from CSUN and CSULA). It took me awhile to get my confidence back up to start applying again and I applied to both ISU and CSUSM. I actually got accepted to Idaho's online program and am waiting to hear back from CSU San Marcos. Right now, I am in between choosing from Idaho State University and CSU San Marcos. Both programs seem great! I am a little biased towards the CSU option since I live in California (which shouldn't matter since it's an online course), the pricing is a tad cheaper,
  2. Hello, I am currently in the process of marketing myself as a candidate for an SLP master's program. I know that having relevant experience in the field is a really big selling point. I currently just work at a minimum wage waitress/server position to pay the bills, but am planning to quit/cut down on hours so I can pursue a job in the field. I just wanted to ask how everyone else was able to obtain a position/gain experience without a license. I'm researching Speech Therapy clinics and rehab clinics in my area and am planning to email them and reach out to ask if they have any
  3. Hello, I just graduated with a Bachelors in Public Health and for my next step I want to pursue my masters in SLP. I've been researching my options and since I have an unrelated major, I know that I have to obtain a post-baccalaureate certificate. I live in Southern California so I've been looking into programs close to home, specifically the CSULA pre-SLP program and the CSUN Tseng College Online pre-SLP program. Has anyone gotten their pre-SLP certificate from these schools? How was the experience during the course and in getting into a grad program? I've also been lo
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