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  1. I am curious about the exact same thing, but for their MSW online program. Have you learned anything? Their online MSW has no concentration and I was wondering if that could negatively impact the job search later.
  2. I am on the waitlist as well.. will you post if you get into the program? I'm just curious since they said it could be be as little notice as two weeks before the start of the semester!
  3. Btw, I got my rejection email from Kelly today. It was in the junk folder of my regular email.
  4. So those of us who have not received any emails and have not been scheduled interviews are probably hopeless! 😨
  5. I got onto the waitlist at CSU San Marcos and was notified at the beginning of March! I was getting concerned by the fact that Fullerton has STILL not responded one way or the other, but I saw a Reddit thread that basically say they are late-notifiers in general 😕 I don't know about the other schools!
  6. I also applied to the 2-year Fall 2020 MSW program and have not heard anything one way or the other yet! Any updates from anyone?
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