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  1. hello, I got a call about having an interview for Loma Linda University for the MSW program. Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare? What kind of question do/can they ask? TIA.
  2. Hey everyone. I am having a difficult time figuring out my cumulative GPA. In an information session, the program said that I have to include all the classes I have taken after my BA. I am currently takin classes at a CC. I have taken a few that relate to social work. Would I just have to calculate it until it gets to 60 units? Is there a specific website? I have contacted the MSW program but haven't heard back. I also contacted my undergrad university and asked if my cumulative GPA would change if I sent my transcripts from a CC and they said no because I already graduated. TIA.
  3. Some Cal State Universities allow you to reuse the Letters of Recommendation from last year. So far, I know that Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Dominguez Hills is allowing that. I am applying to CSULA, CSULB, and CSUSB. Does anyone know if those other school are doing the same? Thanks.
  4. Congrats! Full time or part time? what concentration did you choose?
  5. I got denied from csula this past week. I only have 2 more schools to hear from and I hear and suspect that all seats are taken. It's taking too long.
  6. I got denied yesterday too. Waiting to hear back from 3 other schools though.
  7. thanks. I got denied from csuf yesterday. I still have 3 other schools to hear back from.
  8. has anyone gotten an interview yet?
  9. Hello, I applied in early January for csula, csuf, csulb and csusb. I applied sometime in mid January for csudh. at csulb they said they could not review my app because after some supplemental deadline. I turned it in before January 15 though. I still have not heard anything else besides my application is in department review. I am getting more and more discouraged everyday because I have not even heard about an interview or anything. This is my second time applying so I don't know what will happen if I don't get in this year.
  10. I have asked a professor to do my recommendation letters. I told him in late October and he agreed. I have gone to see him a few times in his office hours and he has said that he was going to work on them. He has not done any of them as of now. I have emailed him, called him, gone to his office hours and he is not there. I am currently volunteering at a hospital and have already asked my manager to be one of my recommenders. There is another manager or coordinator in the same hospital that I also work with. They are basically coworkers. Would it be okay for her to be one of my references ev
  11. I am reapplying for the MSW program this year. I have 3 people in mind for my reference forms. I am applying to CSU's mainly. Here are my choices: 1. I took a class with this professor about a year ago. I asked him to be my reference last year and he said yes. I am planning to meet with him this week. 2. I am currently taking a social work class and have asked the professor if she is able to. She said yes. I have only known her for a few months. 3. I have been volunteering at a hospital and plan to ask my supervisor. I have only known her since June 2019. Do you fee
  12. You should also try calling them.
  13. gk8

    Can I appeal?

    Thank you so much. I am losing hope because they do not accept many people and I feel my gpa and volunteer experience are not that great. But getting no news is better than bad news.
  14. Hello, I applied to the MSW program for CSULB, CSULA, CSUSB and CSUF in January and have not received an interview from any school. This is my first time applying and I did miss the transcript deadline by about 3 days. My GPA is 2.9 from a CC and a 3.1 from a 4 year. I have been taking 5 classes each semester for the last 60 units. I was rejected from CSULB, CSULA, and CSUSB this past week. I am still waiting to hear back from CSUF. My question is.. Does anyone know if I can appeal their decision? How does the process work? Thank you.
  15. Congratulations on being accepted. and I hope we both hear back from CSULB soon.
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