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  1. I am reapplying for the MSW program this year. I have 3 people in mind for my reference forms. I am applying to CSU's mainly. Here are my choices: 1. I took a class with this professor about a year ago. I asked him to be my reference last year and he said yes. I am planning to meet with him this week. 2. I am currently taking a social work class and have asked the professor if she is able to. She said yes. I have only known her for a few months. 3. I have been volunteering at a hospital and plan to ask my supervisor. I have only known her since June 2019. Do you feel these options are good enough? I want to ask them all personally and have really shown motivation for getting my MSW. Any feedback would be appreciated. The face that I have only known reference 2 and 3 for a short amount of time is what worries me.. maybe it's not allowed?
  2. You should also try calling them.
  3. gk8

    Can I appeal?

    Thank you so much. I am losing hope because they do not accept many people and I feel my gpa and volunteer experience are not that great. But getting no news is better than bad news.
  4. Hello, I applied to the MSW program for CSULB, CSULA, CSUSB and CSUF in January and have not received an interview from any school. This is my first time applying and I did miss the transcript deadline by about 3 days. My GPA is 2.9 from a CC and a 3.1 from a 4 year. I have been taking 5 classes each semester for the last 60 units. I was rejected from CSULB, CSULA, and CSUSB this past week. I am still waiting to hear back from CSUF. My question is.. Does anyone know if I can appeal their decision? How does the process work? Thank you.
  5. gk8

    MSW Fall 2019 CSU?

    Congratulations on being accepted. and I hope we both hear back from CSULB soon.
  6. gk8

    MSW Fall 2019 CSU?

    They sent me a letter in the mail.
  7. gk8

    MSW Fall 2019 CSU?

    I just got rejected from CSULA and I still have not had an interview or been contacted by any of the other schools.
  8. gk8

    MSW Fall 2019 CSU?

    I haven't heard anything yet from anyone. I haven't even gotten an interview. I have only gotten calls that I am missing information but I think everything is fixed now. This wait is so stressful.
  9. when did you apply for CSULA?
  10. I applied to csulb and csuf and I haven't heard anything back besides my applications being under dept review. Have you heard anything?
  11. Or maybe they've came to a decision? This entire process is getting me anxious. I wish I knew if I was accepted anywhere. I still haven't heard back from anywhere.
  12. congratulations on getting an offer. I still haven't heard anything back from any of the schools I applied to besides them being under department review.
  13. I still haven't heard anything back yet. All of my apps are up for review by the program. I hope to hear back soon.
  14. Hi @Charlie.Smalls So I guess we're in the same boat. I will definitely look for that thread to see if anyone else is having the same problem. I hope we both hear something soon. Good luck.
  15. I applied to CSULB and have been checking the status by going to the self service and putting in my campus ID and everything. I tried it a couple of days ago and it says that I will get something in my email and I wait but I never get anything. The last time I got something from them was the following: Report prepared on 03/04/2019 The current status of your application: Your application has been reviewed and has been forwarded to the academic department for their review. Every effort will be made to provide you with a timely decision. In the meantime, be sure to check the website of your academic department for departmental deadlines and any additional required documents. Remember to check your email regularly for messages from CSULB regarding admission decisions, any upcoming deadlines or required documents.  Why am I no longer getting anything? What does this mean? Is this happening to anyone else? thanks
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