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  1. That might be good news!!!! Definitely email and see what’s up. Good luck!!
  2. I got rejected last Thursday! Did you check the portal?
  3. I just got rejected as well!! I’m so sorry you had to get that news too it’s also a bummer to get the annoying standardized email. Sending u lots of solidarity n positive vibes!!
  4. I reached out on the 17th of February! It is super late to hear anything, even about interviews or if they received the application. Not sure if I should reach out again because I don't want to seem super annoying! I also saw that the other thread on the admissions updates for the program hasn't been updated since 2015 so its like extra stressful lol
  5. I hope we hear sometime soon! I actually emailed the contact they gave on the application but haven’t heard anything from them?? It’s weird because all my other apps were due the same time and I had some type of outreach from them. the waiting game sucks!!! 😕
  6. Hi! I also applied to the Culture and Theory PhD program! I haven't heard a peep No interviews, rejections, nothing lol. Did you?
  7. They said that it would be around the week of February 8th
  8. Hi all, Not sure where else to put this but I did an interview with POI at UC Davis Cultural studies almost a month ago and still haven't heard anything back. I emailed the program coordinator about admissions decision almost 2 weeks ago and still haven't heard back... do I give up hope now lol or maybe email the POI? I'm scared I will be annoying as I already reemailed the program coordinator with no luck
  9. Literally dude the SAME exact feelings. I’m gonna stay on the waitlist too but... wow. What a year covid has made for us 😕. I wonder what the actual size of the cohort v the waitlist looks like and when we’ll know when the waiting is officially over. Sending u all lots of strength
  10. Having the same types of thoughts! This thread has been so helpful bc I don’t know anyone else applying for grad school. So far I’ve been 0/3 out of the application cycle. Wish I could have applied elsewhere but they were SO expensive. I hope COVID ends because all I wanna do is continue researching but the options seem so limited rn
  11. Congratulations to those who got in!!! That is so exciting. I just emailed the person who emailed us on Feb 5th to ask for an update- he said he is still waiting for the Provost and can't say more... I just so want to be able to move on!
  12. Im literally in the same boat! Being home all day and having ZERO distractions. I feel like Im in a bubble where my nerves just get bounced around. I really didn't think it would be like this at all. Its like the bandaid is half off and I just want to finally rip it! I saw someone got accepted to my top school but I myself haven't gotten either a rejection or an acceptance so I'm like in limbo and its actually the worst lol. I'm so happy we made this thread because I don't feel so alone. Sending solidarity to everyone!!
  13. Hi all! Also waiting nervously for the email from CUNY after the 2 interviews. I haven't heard back from anywhere else besides having another interview so I am also feeling the stress. I did not think the nerves would be this bad! Is anyone else anxiously checking their email every five seconds? Also as for my current department (for MA program) my advisor said that most programs had massive funding cuts and are trying to decide how to make offers for students they want to admit. Fingers crossed to everyone :)
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