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  1. Check the student profiles of programs where you're looking to apply and see what backgrounds they're coming from. For example, where I applied, most were definitely coming in with work experience + a masters degree. I personally don't understand this advice of go straight from undergrad to PhD. You gain a lot from work experience and a masters degree can help you figure out what you want to research in the long run + gives you an edge when you apply for PhDs. Just my two cents. Also, have you read through the other posts? This cycle has been a nightmare, and the next one probably will be
  2. Soooo... I've come up with a list of programs and what their application deadlines were... No idea if there is a correlation between the application deadline and the time they usually reach out to the shortlist... My guess is that those whose deadlines were in January probably won't be getting back to us before mid-Feb, at least. But, please feel free to build on this list! December 1 deadline: University of Chicago - currently conducting interviews University of Illinois Urbana Champaign - finished interviews, extended offers Rutgers - finished interviews, o
  3. I don't see why not, just phrase it politely
  4. It seems that a lot of programs who didn't do interviews in the past are opting to do so this cycle. It is probably because of the high number of applicants and the need to find an additional way to filter down the candidates. I've had three interviews so far and supposed to have a fourth this week, so I'll mention some of the common questions that came up: 1) In a 20 minute interview with four faculty members, I was asked the following: - Why do you want to do a PhD in Sociology? - Why do you want to do a PhD in Sociology at this department? - What characterist
  5. Ahh thank you!! Just followed her podcast on Google podcasts 😍👍🏼
  6. Anyone claiming the U Chicago interview result / did anyone else get an interview notification?
  7. They accepted one international student last year, and hes a friend of mine
  8. Thank you! I got into the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
  9. Sharing this as I thought it seemed pretty helpful:
  10. This is incredibly helpful, thank you SO much, and I hope you're happy with your graduate program so far!
  11. Finished my interview with Rutgers. They said they'll be meeting at the end of the month and probably sending out offers sometime in Feb. Anyone heard a different timeline estimate from their interviewers?
  12. Georgetown alum here. SFS is an amazing place to be, and so is DC in general. I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to stay in the US after graduation. The Careers office helps in preparing you to enter the job market as an international student. They'll host free workshops on campus on how to apply for your OPT (Optional Practical Training) early enough before your graduation so that you're ready to start a job right after, and you can start applying for jobs in your last semester. The OPT is valid for one year. After that, it's up to your employer (whether the same from that year or
  13. Hello everyone. I received an acceptance letter into a Sociology PhD program, hopefully the first of more than one. I've heard of people saying that those who secure more than one offer can leverage that to negotiate more funding. I'd really appreciate any insight anyone has to share on that. How do we negotiate? What is considered a reasonable stipend, and what's the average for Sociology doctoral students? How much of an increase is reasonable to ask for? Do we mention how much money other schools are offering us to incentivise them? I know that graduate students are far from wealthy, b
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