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  1. I have the same impression as @Ikaitlyn on Sociology MA programs. I would potentially recommend looking into MPH programs if you are interested in occupational health and safety, worker rights, or the impacts of work on health and life. It really depends on what you want to do with the degree. If you plan to work after, a more applied degree like an MPH can be helpful.
  2. I just wanted to update y'all on a stat I learned at the UT Austin admitted students day. Their normal acceptance rate is 20%. Because of increased apps and a decrease in the number of seats they were allowed to offer, this year it was 5.7 percent. It really was a weird tough cycle.
  3. Thanks! I think it really will be. I was accepted to UT, UNC, and Emory and will be attending UT Austin. UT was by far the best research fit for me, with a research program focusing on exactly what I want to study. I was offered an RAship with the program and good recruitment funding increases over their standard offer. I will work twice as many hour than at Emory for only a bit more money, but I am very excited, and will make time for my classes and own research.
  4. Hey y'all. I officially made my decision and let the schools know. It was scary, but feels good now to know where I will be next year. Anyone else totally wrapped up their cycle? Are y'all excited? Nervous?
  5. Sure. It is a lump sum amount that they have offered to give in the spring of my first 2 years, in addition to TA/RA funding. Some other programs might call it top up funding or something. This school was clear in their grad handbook that it is money to try to get you to go there.
  6. Hey y'all. I have to get on a soap box quickly. I really hate the phrase "full funding". I have been seeing people post in the results section that they have been accepted with "full funding". There is no such thing as full funding. There could always be more funding. Could we start saying "standard funding". I have been told to my face and in writing that a school will try to match my other offers, and one school gave me recruitment funding. Another didn't, but I know they have some that they do give to some candidates. Point is, "full" implies that you can't get more and that it is enough,
  7. Hi! Congrats to the Emory admits that were notified today. I was not one of them, but I was at the recruitment weekend. If any attendees of the recruitment weekend want to stay in touch, DM me or reply here or something. Everyone was really nice and cool and I would love to hear where you end up.
  8. Yes, it does I think! Either way it counts as income. Check out the Personal Finance for PhDs podcast. But also it makes a difference to your experience there. Do you want to TA every semester? If you want to be a prof and need teaching experience, maybe! If you really want to research all the time, a research assistantship or NIH traineeship would be better. Move this convo to the negotiating offers and stipends conversation. I'm very interested in where it goes.
  9. I haven't taken a single class labeled sociology and I have been accepted to 2/3 programs and have an interview with the third. I did do a very research/ social science heavy career and got letters of rec from sociologists or sociology-adjacent faculty. That was very important for me, because I think my prior studies were relevant and impressive (although not sociology) but my application really needed people who know what sociology is to say that they thought I can/should do a PhD in sociology. Perhaps you could get a letter from the PI on the computational social science project you were a p
  10. Hey y'all. Now that I have received 2 offers, I am ready to turn my attention to this thread. I am a little anxious because I have not gotten the funding offers from either school yet. I know the what will be my second choice school's offer because of a zoom call with a faculty member after acceptance. For my first choice school the professor I was in contact with before applying has contacted me to say that I will receive an RAship in my offer. I am thrilled about the RAship, but still worried about funding from that program. The standard funding is lower than my #2 school and the cost of liv
  11. Anyone receive their funding offer from UT? I thought normally it was with the acceptance. The numbers on PhDstipends look really low, especially as housing prices have been on the rise. It is by far my #1 choice, but the math doesn't look good.
  12. I really hope so! It was January 22nd and 25th in 2017 and 2018. I think the 29th in 2019. So I've really been on edge about it this week!
  13. Have you heard back from UT Austin?
  14. Any suggestions for how to get to a webpage with application status for schools that use applyweb? For UT, the apply Texas page is very clear about my application (in review), but all I can find on applyweb is the receipt of submission.
  15. I added to the list with some info from this forum this year and in past years. December 1 deadline: University of Chicago - currently conducting interviews University of Illinois Urbana Champaign - finished interviews, extended offers Rutgers - finished interviews, offers to be extended first week of Feb UT Austin - no updates (usually sends out acceptances on Jan 22 or Jan 25, last year was abnormality with acceptances in early Feb) UCLA - acceptances sent out December 2 deadline: Stanford - no updates December 15 deadline: Harvard - no up
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