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  1. I lived in the neighborhood around CSULA in Alhambra, CA. The college doesn't have a college community in the neighborhood as most students are commuters, so there isn't a place I can point you to specifically. An attractive place to live is in and around Old Town, Pasadena. It's a roughly 20 minute drive away during regular traffic, but relatively close. If you leave early, the commute is an easy peasy 15 minute drive through nice neighborhoods. On the upside, you get to really enjoy Old Town Pasadena which is an absolute delight. There are cafes, creperies, restaurants, and outdoor lou
  2. I was told I would receive an email today about my admission, but there's nothing in my inbox. Sorry to get all of your hopes up that you'd receive a decision, I'm just as disappointed as all of you.
  3. Just emailed a guy on the admissions committee at USC. He said decisions are being sent out today. Wishing the best for you!
  4. Just want to commiserate with the person who had no offers. I received another rejection. I've received all rejections in sociology so far, and I'm waiting to hear back from 3 more programs, but I'm not optimistic at this point. I wasn't even referred to the master's program at a medium-ranked school, which I thought would be the minimum of my luck. It's fairly distressing having so many rejections and minimum optimism. When I look back at my academic record, yes there are blemishes, but I've worked my ass off to overcome them. I had to invest tremendous emotional and intellectual energy
  5. Here in California, we have another system of of universities called the "California State University" (or Cal States for short) as opposed to the "University of California" system (UC). They're more numerous than UCs actually. They're teaching oriented, rather than research oriented, thus they do not grant Ph.D.s. On the other hand, they do grant masters degrees. They tend to place people in good institutions too, for a good price. My local Cal State has placed people in Ivy Leagues and Stanford, and UC's look at Cal State applicants favorably. From what I gather, the quality of education is
  6. I haven't heard a thing from them, and it seems quite a few people are waiting on them as well, so I'm presuming not.
  7. I was rejected after the 2nd or 3rd wave of rejections. Not saying you should have unwarranted hope, but you're not out of the game yet either.
  8. Nothing from Riverside, or any of the UC's except for Berkeley on my end. Sluggerotoole, your profile says you're from the UK. Is that current? And have you had a chance to visit Riverside? It's a great program, but the neighborhood and community is far from what people consider California living.
  9. I saw that UC Irvine just sent out a round of rejections. And a few weeks ago, they sent out a round of acceptances. I haven't heard anything about me being accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Anyone in the same boat as I am? And any inkling as to what our status could be?
  10. Good luck with your interview at Berkeley! You've got one interview in your back pocket, so you have a bit of an idea of how it'll go.
  11. Thank you so much! It's a huge relief to get into a good, reputable program.
  12. My call was yesterday, and it was the person in charge of my particular specialization. Judging by how informal and relaxed the phone call was, it did not seem like it was a usual thing for him/her (don't want to give this person away). So I wouldn't worry if you don't get a phone call because I doubt other people received phone calls too.
  13. Just thought I'd report a data point for everyone. I interviewed for the documentary specialization at Columbia earlier this week. It went by well. It was very casual, but I was very stiff because I was very nervous! Despite that, it flowed, and they asked me a lot of casual questions (how old are your kids? would you move to NY?). They also asked 4 questions they give everyone. I would love to share the Q's, but I also don't want to give an unfair disadvantage to people who won't read this post. They seemed receptive to my unusual life experience. They did note that they tend to pick peopl
  14. I have heard nothing from the sociology programs I applied to, but I did hear from a global studies program at Irvine and the journalism program at Columbia. Rejected from Irvine, and interviewed at Columbia. My primary goal is to get my Ph.D. in sociology, but a master's in journalism is just as good, really, and much less enigmatic for most people.
  15. I was thinking about why these schools are being so responsive and kind about our inquiries about the admissions decision timeline. I bet they get tons of inquiries a day from anxious students, so they must be annoyed! But I recently heard back from a university about a timeline, and they were incredibly gracious and patient with me. I realized that they are nice because if we are to be accepted, they don't want us to have a sour opinion of them from the get-go. It reflects really well on a department for them to be patient, and that may say something about how they treat their grad students.
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