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  1. 1) I will be attending Baylor University 2) My cohort will have five people total
  2. I just committed to Baylor. I was also accepted to George Mason, but the lack of departmental funding convinced me to take Baylor's offer along with a great fit with my potential advisor. Anyone else going to Baylor?
  3. March Madness is here. Hope everyone stays sane
  4. That's kinda what I did when I was rejected from every PhD program in my first cycle - I applied to funded MA programs, got in, did well here, and I have a few offers under my belt now. I think it is a viable option that can certainly benefit you if done correctly.
  5. Baylor University's sociology program - my top choice - guarantees 5 years of funding to all phd students
  6. Another week has started. Fingers crossed!
  7. Wonder what's going on with Syracuse. Radio silence...
  8. I feel you soooo much like just reject us already
  9. I do have a masters, but my MA is in a completely different field (Religious Studies)
  10. Hey guys. I was recently (actually today) received an invitation to participate in an interview for one of the programs I applied to. It is suppose to be a 30 minute interview and "an essential part of the admissions process." I honestly do not know what I should do or how to prepare for the interview, as this is my first time EVER receiving such an offer. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.
  11. I think schools in general are just too booked with all the things pouring on them. WashU was supposed to send out the results LAST WEEK (I know its gonna be a rejection for me) according to the graduate coordinator but still haven't heard anything from the.
  12. Thank you! I was ranting to my friends via Facebook on how I was never gonna be accepted anywhere, but what a blessing!
  13. Got into George Mason!
  14. Not me, but GMU historically has accepted some applicants who applied for PhD program into their Masters program.
  15. It's okay! Thank you! Now I will cry myself to sleep!
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