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  1. In normal circumstances, I think majority of programs "guarantee" funding, but what that actually includes will vary. Some don't have complete health insurance coverage, others don't cover the full year, and some the monthly stipend isn't a livable wage for the area's standard of living. Most programs I looked at (and all that applied to) said fully funded if accepted. Obviously the pandemic changed some things this cycle (lol I'm waitlisted for money), but I'd say it's highly unusual for PhD programs to not be funded in some way to my knowledge in normal times. I will say it was frustrat
  2. Appreciate you updating us on this, you're a gem! News I was expecting to hear, but good to finally have some closure. I'm not sure why, but I was kind of expecting it would be a higher number for JHU (even though 182 is high, I guess I thought it might be over 200). Nonetheless we tried and have applied to programs in one of the most competitive cycles but also with all the other worldly stresses! I'm proud of all of us! Wishing you all the best for the rest of this application cycle! What's meant to be ours will come to us (even if it's not on the timeline we want).
  3. I hadn't even thought of that....but that's a plausible possibility. One of my mentors has been trying encourage me despite the academic job market looking so stark (I really want to teach full-time). He keeps telling me in the next five years there will be a lot of retirement and expansion, so fingers crossed he's right and maybe if this theory is also true we'll have an easier go on the market. Also agree: the world needs more sociologists, of all different types of specialities/focus areas!
  4. I have heard from some current phd students and academics that there were cases of never hearing back from some programs (I'm blanking on which, but I know I read it a few times on twitter). I'm hoping that with the chaos of this cycle, programs won't take anything lightly. I'm assuming it's just taking longer to get decisions made. I think a lot of programs are trying to play their odds of getting as many students as they can for decent cohort size (even if it's smaller than their norm) but struggling with funding and/or directives from DGS offices, hence why some people (like me) got offer(s
  5. Thank you, I appreciate that!
  6. I've noticed that too, and I think maybe similar to some other programs they are running later to see if they can gather more funds for more people. The Cornell info on the portal I think might actually apply to more programs too, and that's why the process of potential rejection is being drawn out. It's just some schools are more formally notifying people while others aren't, hence why the rejections seem to take so much longer to receive. The schools accepting students want at least a decent cohort size this cycle given they took a class. I'm not really banking on hearing positive news
  7. Ditto on this! I would be quite upset and I'm thinking of all of those who applied to programs only to receive these late notices on admission suspensions. I had originally looked at UC-Boulder (created a portal account and filled out the basics) and got notified early December that they made the tough decision to suspend admissions for this cycle--that would be the latest any of them should have waited to make that call. I understand some situations can arise in Higher Ed with budgets and such, but that's still some bullshit. I am glad UO is taking some steps to rectify this decision fo
  8. So I've also been feeling this way this past week. I spent so much time (like we all did) researching programs to find the good fits (academic and culture), focused in on faculty, extra-curriculars/cool programs/centers, current grad students and then some to figure out where the best fits were. My one mentor/letter writer affirmed my program list too. In the end, it's just a shot in the dark I feel like: the POI maybe can't take me on or weren't as inspired by my topic/interest, maybe because I didn't submit GRE (even though it was optional) they didn't want to run the risk, or I don't have a
  9. It did that to me yesterday too! Like let me like everyone's posts if I want to! Between admissions to campus life/culture to hiring practices, it's heavily gate kept in so many ways. I also hate how so many people say program prestige matters, which builds off the other discussion on this thread about program ranking. I got some nasty comments about my school list from some folks and it made me realize how deep that runs. It makes me nervous that the programs I liked were ranked lower or maybe aren't what comes to mind for sociology, but are great programs nonetheless. I don't care about
  10. Thank you! Haha my hope is to change academia once I get in or shake it up from the outside. My students usually tell me they appreciate having me because I'm more compassionate than most faculty (beyond my department). I think that's what's been so hard to reconcile this cycle: I know what I can do and offer to the field and to know that some programs probably didn't see the value hurts a little. I talked a lot in my SoP about how I wanted to contribute to the field: theory, solutions to social problems, breaking down phenomena to the public, making the work accessible... and maybe it worked
  11. It definitely has come in handy teaching political science too (this semester I'm teaching American Government and Politics lol)! I'm an independent consultant, so COVID hit my practice hard, but I get really energized from the work plus it helps me refine my teaching skills. I plan to keep it up as I work through a program. As for negotiation, I tend to be a little too accommodating (🙃😭) and still work hard to be more assertive so I'm more collaborative vs. conceding or people-pleasing. I've also learned how to frame and work a conversation more (pro tip: always leverage shared interests
  12. I have a master's of science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (so related to sociology in ways, but more social and organizational psychology) and it was anchored in the scholar-practitioner model. I'll add this too: most of my research experience comes from undergrad with the exception of my master's thesis. So there's a good chance you could have more direct research experience than me and be better prepared in that way. I've also been out of school for 3-4 years now, but have stayed connect to academia in a teaching capacity. I do consulting and facilitation work in conflict navigati
  13. Thank you, I really appreciate those kind words! I had a chat with them about the process and options, so it's kind of a waiting game at this point (just like waiting to be admitted all over again lol). I definitely agree, PhD's should be funded and I'm hoping things work out there or something else does so I'm not left applying another cycle 🙃. Also re: Stanford, I want to say it was a sisterfield to sociology too and they basically said the same and encouraged others to not lose hope. But like what a twist of events to have that be the first acceptance! I can't even imagine, but it's
  14. Congrats on IU and thank you! That's an awesome program and one my favorites I looked at, I've been told their faculty are great by an insider so you'll be in great hands there! And the UCLA + UCSD one is what I was thinking of, it's so strange and it's across program disciplines too. Like someone shared they got into Stanford and rejected by other programs and I thought "wow, that'd be a pleasant surprise for someone."
  15. Congrats! Also, I love that the POI emailed to schedule a time to tell you over the phone! I think that's so personal and special to do, especially given how maddening this cycle has been. I appreciate you sharing this! I also completed mine in December trying to give myself a break between my teaching semesters in early January. I got my first rejection (Northeastern) end of last month and then the following week an acceptance from University of Oklahoma (but funding is pending). It's sort of bittersweet to get in somewhere and have a very real possibility of no money, but I'm looking at some
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