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  1. I received four rejections (UCI, USC, JHU, UM) yesterday – it's almost like they planned it together haha. It has been a long, stress-filled adventure these past few months, and I am glad to finally have all my decisions. Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  2. I think this is sound advice. In fact, I did something similar a few weeks ago where I told one of my waitlisted schools that I had another offer. The next morning, they accepted me with funding.
  3. I can definitely empathize with you here haha. I have been waitlisted three times--two of which were after interviews--and it definitely didn't feel great. But keep your head up! I got into one of these schools (Stony Brook) shortly after being waitlisted. Being waitlisted means that you are wanted, especially in this crazy window. I'll likely be declining any offer from Texas A&M so that will increase your odds there. Good luck!
  4. I posted the waitlist result from Stony Brook (Hi all – first post!). Overall, the correspondence has been very good. I had my interview last week with the Graduate Program Director (who is very lovely). It was pretty relaxed and I was able to ask about the program. I thought it went well, but I got an email today from the Director telling me that I was on the waitlist. She said that it was a difficult year with a lot of qualified candidates for a few spots (due to budget constraints, they could not get as much funding as a normal year). She said the formal email will follow in the next
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