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  1. Thanks for starting this thread There's another one with a handful of people there already if you want to check it out as well!
  2. I am also planning to apply to some social/health psychology programs!
  3. Does anyone have any advice or insight into the application process. I'm trying to map out a timeline of what I need to do in the next couple of months. So far, I've reached out to professors for letters of rec, but not sure what else I need to do in the mean time...
  4. Hello! I'll try to help answer these questions based on what I've heard and picked up from looking at previous years' threads! Scores are more like gatekeepers and there is a much higher emphasis on grad GPA and GRE scores. They do look at BA GPA, but not has much as your grad GPA. Additionally, since PhD programs tend to have a more holistic admissions approach, I'm sure any relevant experience (especially public health experience) puts you in a great position since it shows you are dedicated to this field.
  5. I don't have any insight into specific programs and their funding packages, but I do know they greatly vary from school to school. I recommend reaching out to admissions advisors of the schools you are interested in and asking about the typical funding offered to PhD students.
  6. Hello everyone! I am geographically confined to California (partner is also doing grad school in SoCal), so I am planning to apply to a few UC's (most likely San Diego, Irvine, LA) and possibly USC. Sending positive vibes to everyone applying this cycle - WE GOT THIS!!!!
  7. Hi all! I haven't seen any threads for the upcoming application cycle yet. I wanted to start one so any prospective applicants can have a place to chat, ask questions, and lend moral support
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