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  1. That's so exciting! Congrats! I hope it all works out for you 😃
  2. Anyone having any luck getting off a waitlist at the last minute? Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting!
  3. Not too great! lol On two waitlists and trying not to get any hope up so I'm not disappointed again but it's hard not to. I'm sure people will start finalizing their decisions soon though and if not, just 10 days left! What about you?
  4. It's worth a lot, thank you for sharing that! I know I just completely overthink it, as writing/submitting letters comes as part of the job, but I can't help but feel for a nuisance! Silly me, I know. This helps ease my worry. Thank you!
  5. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your experience is very helpful to hear! I definitely got hung up on what the schools recommend instead of who would write the best letter. This will be really helpful for the next round. Cheers!
  6. This is very helpful, thank you! I thought I had heard at some point that some programs prefer that one or two of the recommenders be professors when you are within X years of your master's but I honestly forget where I heard that and hopefully that is outdated advice. I think it makes way more sense to have folks that are more recent and can speak to the work better. I was hoping that might be the case with the GRE after this cycle! Thanks!
  7. Hi all! As I am starting to think about applying again in the future (for a third round), I am dreading the thought of having to ask my recommenders to submit letters for a third time. I am especially worried about the two professors from my MPH, since it seems like a bigger ask the further out from it I get from completing the program. Any thoughts on this? Should I ask a whole new set of recommenders that are professional and not academic? Thanks! (also super bummed that the 5 years on my GRE are up so I'll have to do that again😢)
  8. More waiting! I just heard back from the last program I applied to and it is another waitlist. So I am waitlisted at Johns Hopkins SBS and Northwestern HSIP Social Sciences and Health Track. I was rejected from Columbia SMS, Yale, Brown, U Mich, and Harvard (no interviews so that makes sense). It there really any hope of getting off the waitlist at either program? I appreciate any input!
  9. Does anyone know if Columbia Sociomedical Sciences (Soc track) does interviews? I saw one post a while back about someone scheduling a conversation with faculty so I assume they must and I just didn't get one (headed for my 5th rejection - woot!). Thanks!
  10. Social and behavioral sciences. They are accepting 7-10 students this year which is a good size but I’m not feeling hopeful about getting off the waitlist.
  11. Hi all! Just found this thread - super glad it exists! Just got a rejection from Yale SBS PhD program. This is my third rejection (also Harvard and Brown). I was waitlisted at Johns Hopkins but I am not super hopeful (I doubt many people turn down JHU). I took that one pretty hard because my interview went fantastic and I really felt that this program was a perfect fit (plus I was notified on my birthday - boo). I am waiting on two more but it is looking like this year isn't my year. Any thoughts on the likelihood of getting off a PhD waitlist?
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