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  1. NYU GPH has two fellow slots for each track, and may offer additional slots if the faculty could fund RA track with their grant. Many schools don't notify about waitlist status. People might receive acceptance decisions after the 415 deadline.
  2. Hi I wouldn't take it that way, this year I was rejected by two social work phd programs which I clearly know I am qualified for. Among the four social work programs I applied to, I have the best research match with Berkeley's POI and got rejected, I emailed him post rejection and asked for advices, he said I should keep doing what I have been doing, it's just that they need to prioritize faculty who hasn't taken on students recently. I also knew some admitted students and a current doctoral student there and all the information I gathered matched up with this story. So being rejected does not necessarily mean that they don't think you are incompatible. A lot of times it really is nothing personal. Maybe talking to admissions team or faculty at the program would help. Good luck!
  3. My research interests are in implementation science and behavioral health EBP, hopefully I will gain more informatics/digital health experiences during my doctoral training.
  4. Accepted off the waitlist by Columbia social work just now and will decline the offer. Good luck if anyone is still waiting!
  5. This is for HPM. This visit is department only and we didn’t ask for other department. But I know an international student from biostats who said her RA after tax pay is about 2k/month so I think the rate is pretty much the same across. they did say eventually ppl who want funding would typically get funding and summer isn’t that difficult. will decline this upcoming Monday
  6. Had the visit today. UNC HPM: The TA stipend level is $8500/semester (no summer, summer you are on your own). The RA stipend level is $25k/year on a 12 month basis (but you have to find your own). This is really terrible for international student because this RA/TA would count as 20hrs/week employment maxed by law so no additional income allowed in academic semester.
  7. I only got to talk to GPH SBS PhD director and was told each concentration/department has two spots. I think at this point they should have sent out admissions but are waiting for people's decisions. I got accepted on March 9 and I am not sure if I am among the first two that they sent out offers in my department (it could be that someone else turned down the offer so quickly). The department wants me to make decisions asap if I decide not to go so that they can fill up the spot with another applicant, although technically I have until April 15, I do feel a little bit pressured, unlike my other programs. (For example, I contacted an admin at my current university asking if I turned down the offer between now and campus visit, would another applicant get admitted and be able to visit, I for sure do not want to take a spot if someone else is eager to meet his/her future cohort and I know someone on the waitlist. I was told by the admin that they already overshot so me turning down would not make any difference at this point. No one else has declined so they are not quite at the waitlist territory yet. So obviously different programs approach waitlist in different manners, not all programs would be the if someone turned down the offer then a spot would be freed from waitlist approach. It is very clear to me that NYU GPH SBS is doing the we only have two spots free one then another one will fill in approach)
  8. That is horrible. Thanks for sharing! The funding situation is really disappointing for many public health programs. Hope your UW funding works out as it's a great program (and I'm jealous!). To add some funding info - For NYU GPH the 'fellowship' stipend is ~$32K for 9 months, insurance (except dental) and fees covered for 12 months, guaranteed for 5 yrs, with a 20 hours research 'requirement' but in talking with current students it's not strictly enforced and not count as employment (it's not a RAship). International students could take on additional RA/TA for pay if really needed (mentioning this because we are capped at 20hrs/week on campus employment during academic semesters by law). 9 month stipend gives student the flexibility over the summer, everyone's summer looks differently. As an international student, my options would be limited so I had a conversation with my assigned advisors and they guaranteed three years summer 15 week full-time (35 hrs/week) RA at $26/hr, with potential to renew, which I heard is a standard rate for doctoral student. Comparing to many other public universities' funding packages, I feel very grateful.
  9. My impression is that interview isn't required. But I could be wrong! I had that interview very early in the application cycle for potential fellowship nomination (they nominate in mid Jan so it was a time sensitive interview request).
  10. I will be committing to NYU public health with interests in intervention optimization and global mental health. If anyone is committing to the social work program we can connect
  11. The virtual info session/visit day for UNC HPM admitted student is March 25. My guess is department is waiting for people's decisions before releasing more spots. For example I am still waiting to hear back from my POI to schedule a zoom meeting. Although I have preferred offers in hand, I'd like to get to know more about the program, connect with my POI and discuss my future research plans (even if it's at another program) to see if there are potential collaboration opportunities before I make a well-informed decline decision. Hope this helps!
  12. Accepted: NYU GPH Social and Behavioral Sciences (interview invite 2/3, interviewed mid Feb, accepted Mar 9) UNC Health Policy and Management, Organization and Implementation Science track (interviewed 1/10 for gauging interests and fellowship fit, accepted Feb 25 without fellowship) Washington University in St. Louis Biomedical Informatics and Data Science (interview invite 12/20, interviewed mid Feb. accepted Feb 24) Waitlisted: Northwestern University Health Science Integrated, Health and Biomedical Informatics track (interview invite 1/25, interviewed early Feb, waitlisted Mar 3) Rejected: NYU Vilcek Institute Population Health track (interview invite 12/20, interviewed mid Jan. Never heard back so assumed rejection) UCSF Epidemiology and Translational Sciences, Implementation Science track (interview invite 1/26, interviewed early-mid Feb, rejected March 2) The UCSF is the only program that I feel is a perfect match. I gave myself two cycles for it and it's time to move on. The faculty I interviewed with offered a research position but as an international student my visa is running out of time so unfortunately I had to decline. I am very struggled in picking a program as my research trajectories will be so different based on this decision. It's like my brain and my heart are at two different places.
  13. I just got rejected by UCSF epidemiology. welp international student rip. One faculty said I wish to see you soon and the other faculty said I was the exact type of trainee they wanted but funding is very challenging for international student so we should keep in touch no matter what. Last year I was waitlisted, this year I knew it wasn't me.
  14. In my unofficial offer letter they mentioned that if I want to visit campus in person this spring, they can provide money to cover travel. I contacted the administration but did not receive a reply about details yet. Some programs would do this and some don't, especially with COVID it varies a lot. There is a lot of information not available for international students so glad I can help in anyway that I could!
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