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  1. Me: "no need to overthinking it!" Also me: overthinking everything
  2. I wrote the program director with an one-sentence email, a few hours later the decision was rendered on the portal. (I'm not sure if it's because of my email pushing or they're gonna do it anyways.) Applicants do it all the time so no need to overthinking it .
  3. it would not hurt to ask about your position on the waitlist. I didn't ask for the 'position' for mine, as my target program is small, every student's funding mechanism is different, so I doubt that they have a strict waitlist ranking tbh. But every program is different, if I were waitlisted by some other programs, I might reach out to program director/administrator and ask about positions and how many ppl were taken off from waitlist on average. (I also think info. from gradcafe might be even more helpful as programs usually approach it in a formal way.)
  4. If they extend the 415 deadline then those on the waitlists would even hear later, this will just become a vicious cycle lol.
  5. There are too many factors weighing in, e.g. other faculty has higher priority this cycle in taking on students, one specific student with similar interests and very strong connections is also applying, etc. etc. etc. If you really want to work with the POIs and do not plan to commit to other programs this cycle, why not? I will def reapply next cycle, if my international status isn't a concern I wish I could even try a third year, because it is really hard for me to find a matched program. But next cycle I'm expanding my selections, I'm waitlisted by my top program this cycle (more like
  6. Congratulations! Did you receive any info on its funding? (Already thinking about picking programs for next cycle lmao)
  7. Whether funding would be an issue for international students largely depends on the funding mechanism of each program. We do not qualify for the majority of the NIH training grant, other than 99/00 mechanism for dissertation and beyond which is very competitive because it's potentially a six yearish grant. That said, many programs (more private universities vs. public) have dedicated funding mechanisms for all students, and international student status don't matter that much (for those who qualify for NIH fellowship they may be at an advantage but might not influence the admission decision).
  8. I'm a Wuhan native, the COVID-19 outbreaks really influenced my decision to apply to UCSF, which is the only epi program that I applied to, as I have never identified/envisioned myself as an epidemiologist. It was very heart breaking to see how things evolved in the U.S. (I sent out email warnings to our university in Jan 2020 about potential community spread of COVID). I also saw the lack of translation (all aspects, from language, messages, to implementation) in the process and started to see the connection between my work in implementation science to all aspects in epidemiology. The UCSF sy
  9. I'm in a similar boat. This is my test the water year and turns out water is boiling 😂
  10. I booked a trip to Hawaii in early March, I thought it would be either for celebration or for healing. Now that I am waitlisted, I guess it's for both LOL. I know travel/vacation is discouraged but I am vaccinated and this is much needed.
  11. This year it's not just public health apps are up, many fields' apps are up (data science, clinical psy etc.). I read a whole thread of twitter discussions on this, which is quite interesting, some POIs said they have never seen this before, not even during the 2008s (and the 2008s apps were for sure up as well). It's definitely a combination of different things. From what I read, potential of economic recession (reduced opportunity cost for getting an advanced degree), increased interests in some fields e.g. public health, waiving GRE and no requirement for site visits for interviews (as some
  12. One of the reason of schools getting so many applications is also the removal of GRE requirement (also reduced application related cost), which is a trend even before COVID, COVID just expedited the process. Not sure if it will be waived for next year, but likely? I probably would reapply next year unless I'm off my waitlist, will expand my location and program choices to get the net bigger.
  13. Received reply from the director, it's more about able/unable to secure funding for me, which comes no surprise as I'm an international student. I don't have my hopes up as other domestic students declining offers are probably not that relevant to my funding mechanism. Really love the program. Willing to reapply next year. After that reply I feel much better 🙂
  14. Hi, I was wondering how did program let you know you are waitlisted? Is it a generic email/change of status in the portal or more personalized?
  15. Waitlisted by UCSF. Heartbreaking 😶 I know there's still a chance, I know.
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