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  1. To anyone reading this post, I think I found a solution that will work well for the home test! I purchased: a "whiteboard notebook." The brand is Esquoia and I found it on Amazon. It's 25 pages of whiteboard paper! I also got Expo ultra fine tip markers. These have a much finer line than the markers I bought before. Hope this is helpful for any home-test-takers!
  2. I'm taking the home GRE test in a couple of weeks. For the home GRE, you're required to use whiteboards instead of paper. I'm seeking advice from anyone who has taken the GRE test on what materials they used to meet this requirement. I bought: Three double-sided dry-erase lapboards (9x12) "Fine tip" dry erase markers (Brand: Volcanics) I'm finding that the dry erase markers aren't quite fine tipped enough -- they take up too much room when I write. Thank you!
  3. For schools that are not considering GREs, they will likely look at other evidence, such as grades you've gotten in quant classes, or examples from your current work. Note that this is different from schools in which GREs are "optional." If you do not have much of a quant background to lean on, GRE scores can help provide evidence of quantitative abilities. Personally, much of my research is qual and mixed methods, so I struggle with this question as well. I took a stats class last semester to show more evidence of quant ability. I also plan to submit GREs when optional. Is there an
  4. Re: GWU Global Health Sciences PhD, I hadn't heard anything since submitting my application mid-March. I know there's been one acceptance on this discussion board (of 2 or 3 spots). I e-mailed admissions yesterday to get final word about my decision so I can move on and prep for next year, and to my surprise, they still seem to be reviewing applications. The response was that my application was in department review and that I would hear in a few weeks. Just wanted to keep everyone posted because I know there were a couple of us that applied mid-March. My understanding of the (very new) pr
  5. @MNCH Hopeful@EpiZero63Have either of you heard from the new GWU Global Health program yet?
  6. I reached out to admissions to find out. Here's the reply: The timeline for the Global Health Sciences Ph.D. program is the same as the other programs. Please allow 4-6 weeks of departmental review and to receive a decision. Apologies in advance for any delays in receiving a decision. We've received a record number of applications this cycle and so the admissions committee has a large queue to review.
  7. I ended up applying to a different department, but I believe the funding is the same. The change is that tuition is now 100% covered, whereas before it wasn't. My understanding is that there are some stipends available via department scholarships, but most students will need to piece together their own living expenses through TA-ships, consultancies, etc.
  8. I did my MPH at Hopkins and most of my classes were in that department. My advisor / LoR-writer is the SBI program director. I LOVED my experience working with professors from that department. They're all incredibly supportive. Early in the process I connected with my advisor and she got me in touch with current and recent students. I'm sure she'd be willing to do that for you too. I ended up not applying to that department for research fit, but it is a great department. Hope that's helpful.
  9. No idea! It wouldn't hurt to ask. Admissions has been pretty responsive with questions that I've asked thus far. If you do ask, could you share back here?
  10. I decided to apply; did so this past weekend. It's exciting that they're starting the new program. It sounds great - I went to the info session back in Feb.
  11. To all of the aspiring DrPHers: My husband graduated last year with a DrPH. While he was a student, he started an org called the DrPH Coalition with classmates and colleagues across different DrPH programs. It's an awesome network of DrPH students and alum. The group aims to build a community of DrPHers, bring awareness to the degree, and advocate for more DrPHers in public health leadership positions. They organize events to hear from leaders with DrPH degrees, among other things. Check it out! https://drphcoalition.org/
  12. My husband just graduated from the HSPH DrPH program last year. My understanding of that program is that they look for people who have very ambitious leadership aspirations. When he interviewed, he told them that he aspired to be the NIH director. They are also very intentional about putting together a cohort. His classmates all had unique interests and backgrounds. It's almost like they try to get one of everything, and work very hard to build a cohesive unit. I would try not to take it personally - it's such a crapshoot. You are likely very very qualified, but they could have been looking fo
  13. Yes this is my first cycle. Congratulations on getting into some PhD programs! It's all such a personal choice. If you're asking for my advice, it would be this: You should consider what your goals are (both professional and personal) and if you will be able to achieve your goals through these programs. I made a rubric to help me figure out which programs to apply to this year. It included skills that I wanted to develop, research focus area, but also some quality of life indicators as well! These programs are a huge investment of our time and resources, so they need to get you where you
  14. Harvard PHS GHP, Brown HSR, Yale SBS, Hopkins PFRH There were many other programs I considered applying to this year, but other factors (like geographic proximity to family during pandemic, not being 100% ready to leave my job, strong fit, and funding) kept my list small and ambitious. I'm feeling more ready to take on this step and the pandemic should look different after more people have vaccines, so I'm going to expand my list for next year.
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