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  1. Thank you so much for letting us know! I hope that means that you were accepted somewhere great and have a good funding package! And good luck to the rest of us - I don't want to get my hopes up, but I'm getting all nervous and excited all over again haha
  2. I haven't heard anything at all from them, but I didn't have an interview with them. I'm surprised that there's so little on their results page! I have 1 rejection, 2 waitlists, and the other 6 programs are radio silent, so I'd love to hear anything at all from them.
  3. Hey!! I'm also a lurker lol (love this forum, it's supported me even though I haven't contributed ❤️ ), and I noticed that there were acceptances for UBC (I applied to the Master's program) a few days ago, and then rejections today, but I haven't heard anything. I was planning on waiting a couple days until emailing but it feels so weird for it to be up in the air like this. Glad to know we're in the same boat! Anyone know what this might mean?
  4. Hey all! Good morning 😊 I got an email a couple hours ago saying I'm "waitlisted" and confirming they could only admit 1/3 the size of normal cohort 😕 no surprise there, but glad they told us. I'm staying on the waitlist for sure, but I doubt many ppl will turn it down. That makes 2 waitlists and 7 I haven't heard from for me. What a year lol. How are y'all feeling?
  5. Yeah, I saw somewhere on this site that someone talked to one of their PhD students who said they could only accept 4 ppl, and we've already seen 3 on the results page. I feel a little mislead tbh, I didn't realize the cohort would be THAT small. Guess it's time to move on, I just wish they'd email us abt it though.
  6. Wow congratulations to everyone who got emails today!! @elabella55 and @sippingjoy, and to whoever the 3rd person on the results list was 😊 🥳 and congrats on your other acceptances! I was checking every 5 minutes today, but no email for me so far. I hope the rest of us get news soon, the suspense is killing me lol
  7. Yess!! I feel like my anxiety is a bit lower today since it's the weekend and we probably (?) won't hear from programs until next week, but even so, it's the same with me. I've been checking constantly with almost no distractions. I wasn't this nervous for undergrad admissions for sure. CUNY's been more communicative than other universities, but I wonder if that even makes it worse lol. I'm glad so many of us are here to talk!
  8. Oh wow! @SarahDF that's concerning about the funding cuts! I hope they're able to get some more money together, yikes! Thanks for telling us. I applied to 9 gender studies/sociology programs (a lot, I know, but I was worried about how the virus would affect admissions), both MA and PhD (I'm undergrad right now) and none have gotten back to me except CUNY. I'm not too worried considering a lot had later admissions deadlines, but my heart has been getting more and more set on CUNY. I'm incredibly excited at the prospect of moving to NYC, but it would to be much more expensive than anything
  9. Hi all! We've all been talking about it in the results section and I thought I'd start a thread about it! How are y'all feeling?? I'm one of the people who had two interviews a few weeks ago and got the email on the 5th. I've been checking my portal and grad cafe constantly since then 😅
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