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  1. I also applied to ASU and checked my portal but it is still "under review". Can anyone here confirm acceptances or rejections from their portal check? I'm still surprised many of us have not heard back from ASU.
  2. Do you happen to know if anyone has been accepted to UIOWA? One of my top choices so still holding out hope.
  3. Hopefully you both hear from your programs soon with good news! Waiting it out is the worst part but keep your head up!
  4. Sorry to hear about the rejection, I hope you hear good news from other programs!
  5. Thank you! I believe many of us are in the same boat so it's nice to have community here to know we're not alone!
  6. It honestly is so awful on how hard it is to get into schools, not based on ability to do the work but based on funding. I don't plan to apply another cycle for WGSS after this year either. I wish you the best of luck hearing back from programs!
  7. I know ASU's director said they would be sending out decisions mid-Feb but I can't stop my anxious mind from checking the results page every day. I hope they send out decisions soon. I know many of you are in the same boat!
  8. This is so accurate. Not knowing is so much worse than getting rejected ?
  9. If you do please let me know what they say! They usually send out decisions the last week of Jan. but who knows with Covid.
  10. I second this! Has anyone heard anything?
  11. I'm sorry. ? Good luck with your other apps!
  12. Hello! I saw no one had replied to you yet and figured I'd take a shot. While I don't know what programs look for in a candidate in terms of coursework (I'm sure any sociology classes are beneficial) but I believe your background in economics will be a plus for programs that specialize in political economy, labor movements, etc. I don't know of specific programs that specialize in these topics because my research interests have limited my searches of programs, but I think you could definitely get in somewhere!
  13. Anyone have more info on NC state?
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