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  1. I was just offered a place in the MA program at ASU, but I have already committed to a PhD program so I will not be accepting. Best of luck to everyone as they figure out plans for the next year(s)!
  2. I don't see anything on my ASU portal but it's also showing that I have two outstanding items somehow? my GREs (which afaik they weren't requiring this cycle) and a transcript that they had me send them via an email. Think I should email someone to ask? I know my application absolutely got submitted, and also they contacted me back in December to specifically request one of my transcripts, so I'm confused.
  3. Nothing here, but it has to be this week, right? I mean Monday is March soooo. Best of luck to you!
  4. So I guess hopefully we'll hear from ASU and final results from Rutgers next week, then? ?
  5. This is my first time applying for PhDs, but I'm really feeling this. I mostly applied to WGSS programs and it's not looking very promising so far. Sending you best wishes both for this application cycle and also outside of academia if you end up pursuing that route <3
  6. Ooh, would love to connect if you're comfortable, as I'm also in trans studies and one of my projects has a significant disability studies angle! I want to get more into archives as well after COVID once I can actually visit physical sites.
  7. Congrats on the interviews! I think from looking back at results from previous years it seems like they usually do interviews! Can't see how it would be a bad sign, they're still interested in you and want to know more. Wouldn't imagine they'd spend their time talking with you if they weren't seriously considering you.
  8. Looks like someone just got an interview at Rutgers over on the results page (congrats btw)! If you're on this thread, could you tell us if you know whether they've sent out all their interview invitations?
  9. Hey, I'm waiting to hear back from Rutgers, Emory, ASU, and UToronto with the rest of y'all! Best of luck to everyone!
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