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  1. Hello! Is anyone here still waiting to hear back from NYU MCC? I have already accepted another offer, but I am just wondering why they haven't yet told me anything about the status of my application: no waitlist or rejection! And it is so annoying!! So if anyone is in the same boat....
  2. I had applied to the Screen Cultures program there. Yep, heard back on Sat. A rejection, as expected since I did not get an interview call earlier.
  3. This is wonderful news-- congratulations on making it to NYU!!! It seems like a very robust program. Thanks for sharing details about your process as well. Since I didn't get any info from them, and I see that some people also got waitlisted yesterday... I will assume that it is a rejection, hopefully coming soon. I just need to know officially from them, so as to accept my other offer. ?
  4. Hello! Did anyone hear back the final result from Northwestern's Screen Cultures program?
  5. I see rejections posted by CUNY, but I didn't get one yet?! Waves of rejection? But anyway, haha, to join the reading of tea leaves... I'm interested in the relationship between films/ popular culture and queer feminist theory regarding questions of desire and fantasy. My focus is desire, and its uneasy relationship with "politics," using an archive of films (and debates around them), cultural blow ups and queer feminist theory.
  6. In the same boat!! I am also so perplexed! Are you an international applicant? I also got no interview invite... but also haven't received the rejection yet. Don't know what it means. ?
  7. Good luck!! Yes, I did get a call of acceptance from the DGS on Wednesday night my time.
  8. Congratulations!! And yes, I think it should be legit. The delay probably just means that they are waiting on some funding confirmations or something. That's how it was for UIUC for me-- unofficial confirmation came first, and then an official letter.
  9. I haven't heard anything either. But then, I assume that it's just taking more time. After all, Tuesday is the timeline that the grad students had given us, not the faculty? But let's hope that we hear back soon!
  10. From what I can see on the results page here, interview invites have already been sent out for NYU MCC. I didn't get one. ? Total bummer coz I had really productive conversations with my PoI there. (and paid extra money to get ECE evals done for my transcript lol -_-).
  11. Oh dear! That's so messed up. But yes, also from my experience from last year... with their Comp Lit program... same thing happened. PoI that I was in touch with told me that they offered admission to one person, who did not take it up... and they did not then move on to anyone else... which doesn't make sense?! So my guess is that they are simply too stretched for funding to admit people in a transparent manner... Which is so unfortunate coz Rutgers has some amazing people!
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