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  1. Hello friends, Anybody have any insight in choosing between the programs at Emory and Rutgers? In a bit of a mental stalemate and thought that hearing about some of the considerations you have kept in mind making decisions might lend some much needed clarity! Sending good luck to those waiting on decisions/waitlists, and sending hearty congratulations to those who have accepted offers!
  2. I received an offer of admission to the Women's Studies program at Rutgers via email from the DGS on February 10 - I've since been in touch with them and had a response, but my official portal is yet to be updated. I really don't have any insider information, though the email did mention that they are planning an admitted students' day, so I don't think that they are not accepting people at all, though again I could be wrong. That said, not having an official letter aside from the email has me a bit worried.
  3. They do list that the interview panel/I guess selection panel is the Social Sciences, but they also have clarified that they will not be conducting any interviews this year, and will instead do an online review of the application pack! So sorry for the confusion!
  4. I have, I received an email that I was shortlisted for the Social Sciences interview panel about an hour ago -- Hoping good news arrives in your inboxes soon!!
  5. Thank you! Really appreciate the support :)) I'm interested in the overlaps between Philosophy/Women's Studies :))
  6. Hi, I just received an invite to interview with Rutgers later this coming week (a finalist for Emory as well) -- Honestly, I absolutely share in the worry, but let's keep our heads held high and give it our best shot regardless! Good luck!
  7. Hi everyone, I'm late to the conversation - but really grateful for this space! Applied to some of the same schools as some of you - Rutgers, Emory (received an interview, excited yet nervous)! Wishing you all the best of luck with everything as it unfolds and keeping my fingers crossed!
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