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  1. Looks like the Princeton offers have gone through. Few more admits on the result page today.
  2. Ah okay then. May have missed the corroborations on this thread. Endless wait it is then, till I get an official rejection.
  3. This anxiety is killing me. I haven't received any response (not even rejection) from the handful of places I have applied to. I can't even make out if the princeton, harvard bits on the result page are authentic, which is making me more anxious. Apparently this forum has a history of trolling on the results page.
  4. Oh! My bad. I misunderstood. I was really hoping they would change their mind about interviewing so my wishful thinking morphed into misreading what you said. But congratulations! It is a feat to be shortlisted. :) Good luck with the final round. I am biting my nails very hard. No mail so far.
  5. Congratulations! So they are doing interview this year?! Phew! I wasn't sure whether taking interview off the table was only for the US round or for both US and International.
  6. Congratulations on waitlist. It's indeed a remarkable journey considering they are taking in only 6 people. I haven't heard anything from anyone since I applied. I had a chat with my POI way back, before the admission cycle. At this point I am fairly certain Harvard is off the table for me. Good luck to everyone!
  7. Yeah, me neither. My status still shows "submitted". I have applied to only a handful (Princeton, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge for history and Yale for Anthro) and I expect Princeton will be the first to respond with a 15th Feb deadline for communicating decision. Congrats on Edinburgh and Cambridge. I had my interview with my POI (Cambridge) sometime early January. But my application is still under review (department). This wait period is nerve wrecking.
  8. So it seems from the result search, Harvard has started emailing rejection and wait listed mails. I thought they responded in March but now I am getting all anxious. Anyone here who received any communication from Harvard?
  9. Has anyone outside US heard from them? I know they send emails to shortlisted candidates in February generally. But this is just anxiety speaking (or typing..)
  10. There is limited funding in Oxbridge. Cambridge has Gates Cambridge, Cambridge Trust and the usual. Oxford has fewer. And there are some country specific scholarships as well. And no, I am not willing to self fund my PhD. I don't have the money to do that 🤪 and even if I had, self funded PhDs are not respected much.
  11. Google Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan. He is known as Shivi. I have been around for a while. I did my masters in 2011 and taught for about a decade. Have decent publications and research with impact. I am aware European phds take shorter time. But my consideration for PhD is 1) POI 2) Department brand 3) Duration. Europe is too white for my proposed area of research, though I AM applying to one program in Europe (Heidelberg) which has a good South Asia focus. My choice is UK (have applied to both Cambridge and Oxford). Rest are Harvard, Princeton and Yale. Barring Yale re
  12. I have known folks who have completed in 4. 5 is standard. anthro i am told takes at least a year longer at most places.
  13. history. it isn't so much about the disciplines, but more about what I am comfortable with. i have a training in law, have a fair bit of teaching and research experience in legal history as well as legal anthro. but i am drawn more towards legal history. i chose anthro in yale only because i wanted to work with a supervisor whose work i really like. in general the number of years an average anthro phd takes to finish is a bit of a put off.
  14. Gathered that some folks have received emails from Yale about interview (anthro). All I have is radio silence since I submitted my application. Anxious. Yale is the only anthro program I applied to. Rest of my applications are tailored for a history program.
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