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  1. I'm actually quite surprised at how many professors I've heard back from, all things considered. That said, I do have a number of schools with fast-approaching 12/1 deadlines where I would not apply if certain POIs would not be taking students (and have some calls I'm really not sure about in the absence of confirming whether certain profs are taking new students - at one such school, my 2 main people are in their early 70s). Given everything on faculty's plate right now, would you advise even sending a follow-up a few weeks after the original email (and about a week and a half bef
  2. @emhafeI'm not sure if this is gauche to ask -- if so, please disregard! -- but would it be possible to find out what university you're at that advised departments, presumably including History, to basically cut the cohort size in half? I'm assuming smaller cohort sizes is going to be the norm for most programs this year, but where I can more or less confirm it is the case for programs I am considering applying to, I'm trying to do so. It helps that some programs are overtly broadcasting this information (e.g. Rutgers, UT).
  3. Hello all, I applied to PhD programs as an Americanist 2 years ago, was admitted to MA programs only, and proceeded with the UChicago MA. I just finished the MA program this fall and am looking to re-apply to PhDs this cycle, COVID notwithstanding. I've just been lurking on this thread thusfar but am joining in the conversation now in the hopes of finding out if anyone has an ear to the ground on UT or Northwestern's plans to admit a cohort or not this year. For UT, their admissions page for the History PhD program says the following: **Given the current uncertainties of
  4. HRL

    Applications 2019

    Yeah, happy to confirm for you! I got my Cornell rejection email today and it said: "Your application for admission to the Graduate Program in History for Fall 2019 has been given careful consideration by the faculty in the field. We regret that your application has not been approved for admission. The number of students who we can accept is limited and, as the overall quality of applicants is very high, it is not possible to offer admission to the many excellent students who would like to study with us. We appreciate your interest in History at Cornell and wish you success in continuing your
  5. HRL

    Applications 2019

    A belated congratulations to you! My subfield is 19th and 20th century U.S. labor and working-class history. Yours?
  6. HRL

    Applications 2019

    @ssmall1 Fellow lurker here. I applied to the MA program at UGA as well and got an email from the department on February 7th notifying me that I was admitted. (I posted it on the results page but apparently didn't select the correct drop down option for the school...off to a strong start!)
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