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  1. TBH, there are only that many programs fitting with your research interests.
  2. It means that your application is rejected in the first round (early review), and they will re-evaluate your application in the second round (general review).
  3. I was accepted into a PhD program this year. All I was saying is that if a person is determined to attend a MA or equivalent degree, then he/ she might consider the MAPSS a good choice. You are right to say that a person should not be falling into significant student debt for a history MA, and I encourage everyone who is about to enter a MA program this year to weight the cost and the benefits.
  4. There are quite many MAs out there without any kind of funding or stipend.
  5. I applied to the MAPSS in 2018 and got accepted with 1/3 tuition covered. I ended up declining the offer but I know people who have 1/2 tuition covered or even more. So I would say that the MAPSS usually offers generous funding for its applicants. But the MAPSS is a very intense program (three terms in one year) and you would not be able to apply for PhD again until fall 2022. The cost of living in Chicago is expensive too, but maybe not as much as that of UK.
  6. It is possible but make sure you have back-up plans. Applying to PhD programs is extremely competitive right now and I don't think the situation will improve significantly next year.
  7. It is common for UChicago to refer their PhD applicants to the MAPSS program.
  8. Georgetown admission committee met yesterday and has made their decisions.
  9. Yale just sent out their rejection letters.
  10. I'm waiting for my rejection letters (Yale, Uchicago) and I hope they can arrive sooner than later. I think you will be fine. Nowadays few people get into PhD program without a MA or equivalent degree and I believe a MPhil at Cambridge will prove advantageous in the future.
  11. Did you get official rejection letters?
  12. Thanks for sharing. Hoping that they can send out their rejection letters sooner.
  13. I think Georgetown usually gives out decisions on late Feb but in this year it could possibly be even later. I know they are taking only 8 students this year.
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