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  1. Considering for History if anyone wants to connect!
  2. My History PhD application to UChicago was rejected, but I was referred to the MAPSS program. I am very excited but I am wondering if anyone has any insight about how they accept students (by field/program)? I am also nervous since my application was not tailored to MAPSS, though referrals seem common. I did talk a lot in my application about wanting to work with professors in the anthropology and sociology department so perhaps that is what led to my referral. Thanks guys!
  3. I did read the Chronicle piece a while back, hence my concern. I decided to skip an MA because of the financial burden. @TagRendar what was different about the research opportunities? Does anyone know of good funded/ partially funded MA programs? Hoping to focus on US history.
  4. I’m thinking ahead to next year and wondering if it is worth applying to a PhD again or if a MA is a safer bet? I know it’s so circumstantial, but with everything going on, I feel like PhD programs next year are still going to be a mess.
  5. I reached out about being waitlisted at one of my top choices. My notification was from a POI so I emailed them back. I said in the email that it was my top choice and that I would appreciate any information they were able to offer. They ended up telling me the number on the waitlist, which doesn’t do much, but having a little bit of information helped. I think it’s fine to reach out, but I wouldn’t count on gaining a ton of insight. Best of luck; I know the feeling!
  6. Where did you get waitlisted? Good luck! The waiting sucks, but like other posters said, still an accomplishment:)
  7. I’m an Americanist too 😊 and also still hopeful for an interview request! What are your interests?
  8. Radio silence too, but trying to hang in there! I was not expecting to hear back from anyone this early anyways. Good luck everyone! Will keep checking here for updates.
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