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  1. Wow! Well from all you've said, clearly you're an exceptional candidate . Just out of curiosity, are there many opportunities to get involved with research at LSE in your experience?
  2. That makes a lot of sense thank you! Thankfully I have savings from working this year and can pick up a part time job (I'm working full time and studying full time right now, so just a part time job next year would be a lot easier haha). Just hope I get in! Kind of freaked myself out by looking at admissions stats from last yr - 192 apps, 66 offers which is nice but if it's doubled/tripled this yr...
  3. Thanks for this - I've heard great things about the History of Political Thought course at QMUL specifically (from people who went there)! I am applying this year. I'm waiting to hear from MAPSS and LSE but just thinking about what happens if I don't get in or can't afford them. I've heard that problem with one-year programmes before but I think depending on how the first semester goes it might be okay, I'd probably want one of my letters to be from my undergrad thesis supervisor, one from someone I'm currently doing research with and one from a masters prof. Thanks for all your advi
  4. Hi all, I'm currently looking into one year MA programmes in Theory (or general politics, maybe philosophy progs that are good for theory). I'm open to programmes in different countries (though I feel like a lot of US programmes are 2 years and/or closed for fall apps) but am primarily looking in the UK. I've had a look at KCL, LSE and York, but as I would like to apply for PhDs in the US, maybe Canada after finishing my masters, I was wondering if people know if any schools or programmes are more well respected than others in the UK (bar the obvious, LSE, Oxbridge). Thanks in adva
  5. Hi, thanks for the advice - really helpful and I've started looking more into it, I just think I'm not very qualified for a lot of the positions that are open atm in the UK (all seem to require more experience than I have and/or a more advanced degree!). And yeah, I've definitely heard similar warnings about the market so having that experience would be helpful for a fallback. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for starting this thread! As a theory applicant I'm a bit at a loss for what I can do to strengthen my application, bar work on my SOP (which, admittedly I know could've been a lot better). Working in govt/policy/a think tank would be cool but not sure how realistic that is for me, and also not sure how much that helps theory applicants as much as it does applicants to other subfields. My current job does expose me to some research but it's not political. However, it's a great job and I think the work we do is really worthwhile, so I'm just trying to figure out what I can do that is non
  7. I've seen decisions sent out in mid march on previous threads. I do wonder how many people they refer - seems like quite a lot of people a year post that their applications have been referred.
  8. I think I've had this since I applied? Unless I'm not noticing something... It has def at least had something about certifile all along for me. I'm an international student so not sure if that makes a difference
  9. Oh, awesome. I've applied to both too! Fair enough re fit, I wasn't going to apply to Cambridge but my interests changed slightly recently (theory) and I found their MPhil in Political Thought and Intellectual History so decided to apply (housed in history dept though). I'm from London so LSE would be ideal for me money wise if I get even partial funding. I've basically accepted that I'll have to keep working at least half-time through my masters...
  10. Welcome! Which masters programmes in the UK?
  11. Sorry to hear about that - I've been browsing through old application threads and from what it looks like it's super hard to determine fit from the outside because you don't know which if people are retiring, if new hires are being made, how many students with your interests are graduating, if the people you wanted to work with are even taking students this yr etc. It all seems like such a lottery with fit - like people could get in one year and not even get an interview in another sort of thing. Also suppose it goes without saying but it's an insanely competitive year. I know it's dishearteni
  12. Including a website/linkedin on a CV is such a good way of lowkey probably knowing when your application is being looked at (I know that's not why people do it, but what a nice side benefit haha!)
  13. Sorry, my use of negotiate may have been slightly misleading. I had a higher scholarship offer from elsewhere ($25,000) and asked the admissions office if I could negotiate my funding based on this. They then sent me a scholarship match form. Obviously as I said they increased it to 16k, they didn't match it but it was a decent increase.
  14. Hey - I'm not sure a message from a stranger even has the potential to impact how you feel but chin up! Sounds like you've still got places to hear from, and this whole process is such a lottery. From 'fit', to potential spaces, to students in your subfield and with your interests graduating, one rejection doesn't necessarily signify more to come. So cliche but I'm sure you have your strengths and that a programme will see that! Good luck for the rest of the cycle.
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