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  1. For fulfilling pre-reqs community college classes are just fine. What you need is the transcript, not the "brand name".
  2. I would probably contact the department to see what you can do -- if you're an international student, you have the option to work off-campus to earn extra income as well (which is a + compared to the US), so depending on your skillset I would look into that to help cover living costs. Montreal is relatively cheap compared to other major student cities in North America, so you should be able to find something in your range, especially if you have a roommate or two.
  3. I'm also an international applicant if that helps. Canadian universities tend to take time to process apps so I would give it another few weeks. Alternatively you can email the program director to see if they have any updates.
  4. I was contacted by email. I know others who have received rejection letters through the portal. It might depend on when you applied.
  5. Just heard back from Chicago -- 1/2 tuition offer with the total expenses coming out at about 40k without accounting for food/transportation/housing, so I'll be declining.
  6. Claiming an acceptance from Chicago MAPSS. Funding details to come later!
  7. IHEID Geneva would be great if you're planning to work at the intersection of academia and policy/think tank/government (just look at the amount of PhDs and MAs that have gone into government/international affairs). If you're dead set on US academia, Columbia would be the best option pending your Fulbright requirements since it would be more well-known in US academic circles.
  8. my situation was pretty unique in that I had friends with cars, so I bribed them with food from the costco food center to take me there.
  9. I can chime in quickly -- You cannot work off-campus as an international student during your first year (and you have to apply for a special permit from DHS to work off-campus that requires "experiencing financial hardship" in subsequent years). There might be some RA opportunities available with professors in the department, but I'm not too sure how that would work. You can always reach out to inquire! Last time I lived in New York to do research, I stayed at International House NYC (cheapest room was $1200). I would contact CUNY to see if they have any graduate housing, but rent is pret
  10. If your research is focused on Asia-Pacific and you are planning on working at Asian universities (Taiwan, China, Singapore) then ANU is a really good option. I know several scholars (recent grads) who received their degrees there. I can't speak to the US academic market value of ANU though!
  11. If you get a PhD admission offer off of the waitlists, I would recommend just going there. You won't get to know your professors well enough for a good letter until after you finish the MAPSS program. That means that during the year where you're putting in applications, you're gonna have to figure out something to do in the meantime while you wait (it gets especially murky for international students, because good, paid OPT placements are getting harder to come by in the social sciences).
  12. Really excited! I love Montreal (and grew up as a native French speaker, so excited to be back in that environment) -- the faculty seem very supportive, and they have broad expertise in the research I want to do (LAC, ethnic conflict/nationalism). And to top it off, I already have an established support network since many family members + friends live in the city, so I won't have to brave the cold alone. thank you ☺️
  13. Welp...never give up! Having to redo my profile. PROFILEType of Undergrad Institution: Midwest SLACMajor(s)/Minor(s): Conflict StudiesUndergrad GPA: 3.99 CGPA / 4.00 Major GPAType of Grad: Chinese C9 - Chinese IvyGrad GPA: 4.00GRE: N/AAny Special Courses: Graduate-level Econ, Intro Stats Class, SWE classes in Java and MySQL, Honors Thesis, Graduate-level Political EconLetters of Recommendation: 1 Professor, 1 Associate, 1 EmeritaTeaching Experience: Taught as a lab assistant in Languages dept.Other: Lots of conference presentation experience, two undergrad pubs RESULTS (PHD)Ac
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