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  1. I'm not who you replied to, but what ranking are you looking at? You have to look at multiple rankings, and even those don't show the whole picture. US News ranks UW-Madison about 20 places above Penn State. Almost every ranking I've seen ranks UW-Madison higher than Penn State. Historical brand name is also a big factor in academic reputation, but this is something you can't easily discern from rankings.
  2. Yeah, it's the online one by NU SPS. I actually didn't know about the MSiA one until after the deadline passed haha Dw, I think we're all going crazy at this point
  3. Applied: Yale MS in Statistics and Data Science Columbia MS in Data Science UChicago MS in Analytics Northwestern MS in Data Science NYU MS in Data Science Still waiting for all of them except NU. My portal for NU updated to "Admit" but haven't gotten an email. Also I think all acceptances for Yale have come out. Since I haven't received a decision yet, it's probably a rejection.
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