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  1. This thread was originally created in the political science sub-forum, so I fear that keeping politics away will prove challenging! (And is not something to wish for in my opinion, given how virus developments and travel restrictions in the US have clearly been the consequences of political choices). With the new F-1 restrictions, it looks like things can work out if schools choose a hybrid system, but things are very bad (and deferral is likely required) if they choose a fully online system. What have your schools decided? Are you and/or other incoming or current students org
  2. It's pretty inconvenient for me to defer to Spring because some key courses have a first half in the fall and a second half in the spring. So I'm hoping to start this fall (if the department accommodates online coursework well), and if I can't I'll likely differ to fall 2021.
  3. The US consulate in Paris told me that: "At this time, in accordance with the Presidential Proclamations, travel to the United States from the Schengen Zone has been suspended for most visa holders, including F-1 visa holders." Which seems to me that even if I manage to get a Visa (which is not a given since my appointment was moved to August 28th), I won't be able to enter the country. Am I misunderstanding this? I'm confused between 1) inability to get visa, 2) Trump's entry bans for visa holders.
  4. Hi! Do you know what the funding 'structure' will be? It seems that typical stipends cannot be paid until students have hold of the I94 arrival form, so I'm wondering what alternative arrangements school come up with (so I can suggest them to my department).
  5. What is your US school planning in terms of coursework accommodations if you have to start remotely from Japan?
  6. I have a visa appointment at the end of July, but I'm assuming it will be cancelled soon, considering what I hear from other countries. I have also been invited to start remotely. Do you know whether your university will make accommodations for students abroad in terms of coursework, grading, etc? A 'normal term' from abroad seems difficult, especially for students with a large time difference.
  7. Hi all! I'm a European student admitted to a political science degree on the East Coast. My university seems to be planning to hold in-person courses in the fall, but I don't yet know when the US borders will open. The uncertainty includes, but is not limited, to questions such as: When if at all will the US let us fly in in the fall? If I have to start remotely (from France), how difficult will it be considering the time difference, the fact that half of my cohort is studying together but I'm not, etc? I won 't receive the PhD stipend until I set foot in the US. Which mea
  8. The open house events I was invited to are being cancelled one after the other because of the virus. I'm sad I was so excited
  9. Clintarius

    New York, NY

    Same question (although male) + is it feasible to find anything in NYC at a cost similar to that of Columbia housing?
  10. I'm not sure that telling them you are on multiple waitlists with no offer would work in your favor, but I've been told that sending them a personalized email stating that they are your top choice, and that you will therefore accept their offer if they take you off the wait list may increase your chances. That's because a lot of students will only decline their offers last minute before April 15th, so the schools want to be sure that if they make a new offer, to meet their goals in terms of incoming students, it will be accepted.
  11. Congratulations! Was this one through a generic email from the DGS?
  12. I don't have enough space to upload anything here or on the other post anymore so here's a link to the decision dates data since 2012. Only includes schools from the top 100 USNWR. It shows fewer posts from Harvard/Princeton/NYU than the reality because I filtered with "political science" and not "government" or "politics". 🙂
  13. Yeah I agree. The treemap also interestingly shows how the admission rate on the GC result page is much higher than the true value (which makes sense, I guess most people prefer sharing their successes), and that can make people feel insecure about rejections even though they are in reality part of a much larger majority.
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