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  1. It's not costing a lot don't worry! I just have to pay a few bucks per month for it to support the number of hours running, but I won't have to after March once people stop using it as much. Independently of that, if you want to run the R code locally there's a GitHub link to the code on the page.
  2. In the past month alone you guys have been using the app for a total of 320.88 hours as of today 😳
  3. Even if you end up not getting in, don't take it personally, this is an incredibly competitive year, for a process that is always incredibly competitive. When you find yourself in a pool of other good applicants, it's gonna come down to whether the faculty chooses you or them, and this necessarily hinges on some idiosyncrasies of the faculty in the admission committee this year. So chance plays a big role! You will definitely make it somewhere, either this year or next
  4. Last year every decision came as an email (which either would let you know of the decision directly or would have you check the portal). I don't know of any scenario in which people find out by checking the application portals without having received an email first. This didn't prevent me from constantly checking the portals unprompted though
  5. I and some friends got admitted to some schools after an MPP or an MPA last year, I definitely don't think a policy-oriented master's degree plays against you!
  6. I would not worry about this (mixed methods v. quants v. qual. work). I think what admission committees look for is a signal that you are intellectually curious, ready to engage in depth with the material you study, and rigorous in the way you do. While it might be appreciated if you make strong claims about wanting to use them in your SoP, I think it's certainly not expected for applicants to have a strong command of quantitative methods prior to the start of their PhD.
  7. Fingers crossed! And congrats for finding the strength to apply this year despite the pandemic!
  8. Hey I remembered you had asked that, here's the link to the Github repo that shows the code for scraping and other things.
  9. Good luck everyone with the final push for tomorrow's deadlines!
  10. I agree with the others for the course! For the writing sample, I think an important part is to show that you understand the method you choose to use. For example, if you use regression analysis, it will better to do simple OLS, and then really discuss whether the result can be interpreted as causal (if that's what you're trying to do): what are potential selection biases, potential omitted variables, potential systematic measurement error, etc. rather than trying to apply a "fancier" method like IV regressions or the like.
  11. I agree that mentioning a few is good practice! + If you have time, it's worth it to look up what is said of them (what they are known for) and to perhaps listen to one of their interview or to read one of their non-academic publications. It shows what they do and what they are invited to speak about, which is not captured easily by their CV's list of publication. Last year, I mentioned a professor very well known for statistical analysis to illustrate my motivation in formal theory, because I had noticed that he had published about formal models once. The faculty probably thought it
  12. I would also add UCSD, I think they've been investing in the formal theory part of their curriculum and faculty.
  13. There are scholars in political science that produce a lot of research using qualitative work. If your main substantive interest is politics, I would not exclude political science programs, especially if you are interested in also taking quantitative methods courses. I would suggest to look into the work of these scholars (e.g. Lisa Wedeen or Erica Simmons), and also look up the work that they are referencing themselves. This should give you a good idea of the type of qual work done in poli sci. Once you have a list of scholars you can just look at where they work, and even reach out to them t
  14. Hey, Don't know if it'll be useful to you guys, but last year I made this little app as a pet project to track when I might hear back from each school (for poli sci applicants): https://martindevaux.com/2020/11/political-science-phd-admission-decisions/ It uses data from Grad Cafe but displays it a little more easily for the purpose of looking up when you may expect a decision.
  15. Last year I submitted a couple on the day of the deadline (before midnight in the time zone of the school). I did not have an issue. Last year, UNC accepted a new version of my SOP a few days after the deadline because I had found a few typos in the one initially submitted. It obviously should not be a reason to miss the deadline, but if you find yourself with such an issue don't panic.
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