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  1. It is already on your list of schools but this program specifically seems like a great fit in your area of research. https://schar.gmu.edu/programs/phd-programs/phd-biodefense
  2. Most of the programs in the US accepts the submission of the degrees until the end of the 1st year of your PhD. That was told to me by the admission officer at the PhD program I was accepted to.
  3. PROFILE:Type of Undergrad Institution: International - Top School in TurkeyMajor(s)/Minor(s): Totally irrelevant major (TEFL) Undergrad GPA: 3.4Type of Grad: UK - Political ScienceGrad GPA: DistinctionGRE: Not takenAny Special Courses: Basic stats courses and 1 year of relevant language. Letters of Recommendation: 3 tenured faculty. Two in my subject area, other one is from my undergrad major.Teaching Experience: Teaching languages in 4 different countries. Other: Field research that led to a publication. Published an article at an International Law journal, other one is also accepted to be p
  4. Also some important notes before putting too much attention into rankings... Taken from the "Read our Methodology" section of the rankings: "THE RANKINGS OF doctoral programs in the social sciences and humanities are based solely on the results of peer assessment surveys sent to academics in each discipline. U.S. News conducted the survey of doctoral programs in economics, English, history, political science, sociology, and criminology and criminal justice in fall 2020 and early 2021. The questionnaires asked respondents to rate the academic quality of the programs at other ins
  5. Firstly, congratulations to everyone who managed to get admissions during this brutal application cycle. As said before numerous times, not getting an admission is not an indicator of one's abilities since there are so many variables included in this selection process. As we're approaching to the end of this year's decision timeline, I wanted to ask to those of you who got multiple offers, how do you plan to decline the other offers you managed to get? What kind of email structure do you plan to use? Luckily, I was offered a spot at multiple institutions and I have been in contact with PO
  6. I was just talking to the DGS there, he said that they submitted their decisions to Office of Admissions and the office will release them until the end of next week. I got admitted there as well but most likely will reject the offer. Good luck!
  7. a: admitted r: rejected w: waitlisted p: pending
  8. I would suggest you to take a look at this forum created by @icemanyeo.
  9. I remember there was a candidate last year with a law degree who got admitted to pretty prestigious institutions. You can reach his profile, results and suggestions here:
  10. I got waitlisted there couple of days ago. (Wed - Feb 3)
  11. I think they said it above that they got admitted to NYU! Something to celebrate!
  12. Just got an email from Indiana - waitlisted there. I have two admissions from higher ranked schools so I will most likely ask them to replace my place with another candidate. Good luck to those who are waiting to hear from Indiana.
  13. The OG post was intended for admitted students. I was admitted but haven't got an email from the department yet so I emailed the Academic Program Coordinator, they said that they would send an email by Monday. I still haven't received it, though.
  14. Also, you have to consider the specific faculty member you mentioned to work with. They might not be accepting new students (due to having too many PhD students or the ones that deferred from last year due to Covid (this was the case for me for Wisconsin)), they may be retiring soon or they may be changing the research area that they have focused for a while. Good luck with your applications! Fingers crossed for all of us!
  15. Claiming another admit from MSU. Comparative politics. I think having a strong departmental fit worked for me specifically in this case. Good luck to all those who are waiting to hear from other schools!
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