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  1. Thanks so much, all! That is what I was thinking. My writing is informed by my practice experience, so it's not a stretch to say that my additional years of experience have truly led me to the poli sci program. Yes, my papers are in the same type of outlets Kevin Quinn publishes in, though he has placed in more prestigious journals than I have at this point.
  2. Hi everyone, I'd appreciate any insight you have on how a law degree weighs in admissions. I'm a first gen student and a bit of an academic late bloomer. I graduated from undergrad a while ago (10 years) and took a while to realize a PhD is something I want. My undergrad GPA is not great (3.4 ish) on account of working 40 hours per week. However I recently graduated from law school (a T14) and did quite well (3.9). I've also published several law review articles, one in a peer reviewed law journal. Does anyone have any insight into how top programs (Chicago, Princeton, etc) wou
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