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  1. You're slayin the game! Congrats @becalmbekindbesafe
  2. I'll do my best to answer this based on my own knowledge and experiences in relation to the political science field. 1) Canadian PhDs are obviously well respected in Canada and beyond (many of the Canadian universities are ranked extremely high on the global lists), but are especially relevant if you are interested in working at a Canadian institution afterward or are interested in studying Canadian politics ( or some dimension of it). I think what the most important consideration is when choosing a Canadian PhD program vs. a US one is the faculty at that institution. For example, some s
  3. CONGRATS!! I remember you saying that you applied as a "total crapshoot" LOL so I am thrilled that you got accepted!!! Should be real proud of yourself
  4. Pretty sure on like a greater institutional and global level, UBC is ranked significantly higher than BU and UC Irvine (at least according to QS). I know they have a really strong political science dept as well and I think it would be worth seriously looking into who is working there. They might have some great names in your particular subfield which would likely hold some more weight as well when you hit the job market if end up working w them
  5. It really depends on the school in terms of the funding amount. You can look at their specific websites to see what their base funding package is or you can reach out to your admissions contact there. They will tell you how much your package is when you get accepted. That being said, If I had to take a guess - I think its generally somewhere around the 20k mark for Ontario universities after tuition fees are deducted. & Yes it is possible to get an RA/TA-ship + additional scholarships and bursaries on top of that. When it comes to taxes though, I dont know how they calculate it when
  6. I actually don't think they are. Stipends/bursaries/scholarships are all filed under the same category on a T4A i think - which I don't believe is considered taxable income. You'd have to do some more research into this but I'm leaning towards the fact that they're not taxed. Perhaps TA/RA-ships might be different because youre technically working? You'd have to contact the school probably to find out!
  7. Heard back from Western today - got accepted with funding!! Thats the only Canadian school I applied to, but hopefully the rest of you hear back from the other places soon enough
  8. Also curious to hear thoughts on this too.
  9. Nothing yet, granted I only applied to 1 Canadian school. I'm expecting to hear back sometime this month though....I hope....lol
  10. I have a similar perspective. If you're going to do a PhD, you gotta do it for yourself since its a crap load of work. Probably shouldn't be in it for the job prospects alone. I also want to highlight that in this economy, a guaranteed income for the next 5 years might be really desirable to some people. So, if you are given a funding package and are able to do something you love for the next few years and not have to go into debt for it....seems like a win-win to me!
  11. Seems to be a pretty common trend this year.....
  12. I would definitely recommend reaching out to some POIs ahead of time. I did this, and I think it was really helpful for me. Not only did it kinda put my name out there, but that process of networking and speaking with faculty gave me a lot of clarity on which school(s) would provide the best environment for me, and who could facilitate my research the best. It also saved me some $$ during the application cycle too because I didn't apply anywhere blindly. Also, I can't recommend getting a masters degree enough if you don't already have one and it is within your means (i.e., you can pay th
  13. Welcome! Congrats on your acceptance Where was it to?
  14. I got similar advice - couple of my advisors said t10 or t20 is definitely important to an extent, but if you go to a mid-lower ranked place that has really well known faculty, has good methods training, you get some publications in, and you really excel - then you can still be a competitive applicant on the job market. Was also told that getting into any program during this time would be a huge accomplishment.
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