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  1. If you are confident that your end goal is a PhD, I would try to apply directly to some PhD programs as well and have some Masters programs as a backup. Masters programs are incredibly expensive and I would get that if you don't get into school for a PhD, and feel comfortable paying that much for a Masters. If you still only want to do the MA programs then here's what I think: Since you are interested in a broad array of things going across methods, comparative studies and IR, I would get a generic MA if I were you. Go for one of the specializations if that is exactly what yo
  2. Thank you so much! this is the kindest community ever and I can’t wait to interact with some of you’ll in the coming years.
  3. I got into UT Austin off their waitlist! Heard from them this morning (IR). I am DELIGHTED! And I will be accepting the offer I have also contacted Rice to ask them to take my name off their waitlist, so hopefully it might help someone there
  4. Has anyone heard from UT Austin about the waitlist?
  5. Waitlisted at UT and Rice and I feel you. I just wanna know!
  6. Just wondering if there's any more UT Austin admits who have rejected their offers for IR or may be doing so in the coming days? The waiting period is really getting worse and more brutal as days pass.
  7. I have no idea about the education system, or the scope of Poli Sci in Australia. However, I have seen ANU pop up often on the websites of good US PhD programs when looking at their placements. If after getting an American PhD, people go to ANU then I'm assuming the gap isn't too wide and it might be similar?
  8. You're absolutely right. I have been thinking about it and UT Austin will be a confirmed yes on my side if I do get off the waitlist. And at this point, I can see myself at Rice too. I appreciate your opinion. Sometimes when you look at T10 and their placements you feel like every other place is almost "inferior" (for the lack of a better word), but I'm realizing that there's a lot more to it. I'm grateful to have a space like this where I have been able to openly discuss my doubts and all this feedback almost serves as a wake-up call. At this point, I do think CIR will serve as a solid
  9. I got funding information for CIR. They will be covering 20,000$. Which is almost 1/3rd of the tuition. However even with this the total cost with living expenses might come to around 60,000-70,000$.
  10. Would you say the same if instead of the lower-ranked fully-funded MA program, it was a mid-ranked fully-funded PhD program? (Think Rice and Austin, since I'm waitlisted here and I've been thinking about what to do).
  11. OMG I AM ACTUALLY SO HAPPY FOR YOU! How do you feel about this?
  12. I haven’t heard yet! I totally get what you mean tho, I feel the same. They said it’ll follow “soon” which could mean a few days, or it could also mean a few weeks. Who knows.
  13. Is anyone attending UT Austin's visiting day that's coming up this week?
  14. +1 for the CIR offer! Same as the person above, more information will follow later! At least I have a solid back up if the waitlists don’t work out
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