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  1. I wouldn't worry about it, especially if you have a perfect score on the GRE already. Admissions folks will use your personal statement and writing sample to gauge your writing abilities, so take the time you save from not retaking the GRE to polish both of those up.
  2. Just saw this and assuming it's too late to be helpful to you, but I'll answer in case anyone else has a similar question. The ones I've been to generally start with a welcome session where the DGS walks you through the broad strokes of the program (e.g. required coursework, recent placements) as well as some introduction of the area you'd be living in. Then (in no particular order) there are some subfield-specific sessions with faculty and grad students, maybe a session on the methods sequence, a meeting with only grad students to get "unfiltered" insight on the program. Most give the opportu
  3. PROFILE:Type of Undergrad Institution: Large R1 public schoolMajor(s)/Minor(s): International Relations and EconomicsUndergrad GPA: 4.0Type of Grad: n/a (applying directly from undergrad)Grad GPA: GRE: 169/161/4.5Any Special Courses: Above average quantitative background but not exceptional (stats, econometrics), 4 years of relevant language. Letters of Recommendation: two tenured and one tenure track faculty. Two in my subject area, other is my thesis adviser. Worked very closely with all three. Teaching Experience: Some tutoring experience but otherwise none. Other: Presented at MPSA and acc
  4. For more specific info you should definitely chat with your recommenders (who I assume study at least somewhat related areas to you). You should also look at Iowa's placement data here https://clas.uiowa.edu/polisci/graduate/recent-placements Thank you for the kind words! This was a tough cycle but I'm glad to have the offers that I do. Congratulations to you too on your acceptance to Iowa! My interests are borderline of IR and CP but my skillset and methodological orientation is much more CP. My undergrad degree is in IR so I naturally started assuming that I would apply as IR, but
  5. Welcome! I can't say much but one of my recommenders suggested I look into Iowa early on in my process when I thought I would apply as IR. He said that Iowa has especially strong faculty that study conflict, but it seemed they didn't have much as much outside of that area. Depending on your interests, it is probably worth looking into further!
  6. Hi - Yale's waitlist response was via the portal, but (after discussing with my recommenders) I ended up sending a short email to the DGS expressing my continued interest and inquiring about the length of the waitlist. His response didn't indicate such an email was inappropriate, so that's one option.
  7. Claiming Duke rejection and Yale waitlist.
  8. Nope, he got an acceptance in late January. OSU has a weird funding mechanism where all prospective grad students (of all disciplines) compete for funding after they are admitted. As the department doesn't know which students will be selected, they admit some who do not end up with funding. (I don't guarantee the exact accuracy of that description of OSU's funding setup, that is how it was explained to me)
  9. My understanding of a friend's experience is that he did not initially receive funding but was told he might receive funding as others declined their offers. Leading up to the April 15th decision date he still could not get a clear answer and eventually decided to attend elsewhere. I'm sure his experience is a bit of an outlier but going through that does not sound fun.
  10. I feel like initial info should come this week, but I've also heard some horror stories from past applicants about a really drawn out process.
  11. I don't know if you can get to the inbox from mobile, but if you are on desktop its the mail icon in the top right.
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