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  1. You should consider the fact that the median MAPSS PhD placement is around the same rank as UT Austin: In Political Science, 16 of 19 MAPSS applicants (84%) have funded offers. They include admits at UChicago (5), Notre Dame, UPenn, UCLA, Cornell, Ohio State, Texas-Austin, Oxford, UIC, South Carolina, Toronto, Wisconsin-Madison, Boston College, Florida, NYU, Vanderbilt, UVA, Indiana-Bloomington, Yale, Georgia, UC-Davis, UC-Santa Cruz, Kentucky, and Florida State. https://mapss.uchicago.edu/past-phd-placements-political-science
  2. + 1. Congratulations to everyone accepted, all 8 of you!
  3. Perhaps in other years. I doubt many had something like 4 or 5 CHYMPS offers. EDIT: I had two "top" offers, one CHYMPS and one T10.
  4. This predoctoral fellowship might be of interest to applicants looking for alternatives :)). https://research-princeton.icims.com/jobs/12427/predoctoral-research-specialst/job The Empirical Studies of Conflict Project (ESOC) is seeking applicants for its Pre-Doctoral Fellowship for Data-Driven Research. Participants are hired as predoctoral research specialists on a full-time, benefits-eligible basis for 12-24 months. This program provides an opportunity for recent undergraduates from historically underrepresented groups to gain real-world experience that will prepare them fo
  5. Claiming a rejection at Stanford! Cycle is almost over!
  6. Claiming a rejection at Yale :))! Congrats to anyone accepted.
  7. Have you tried checking Wolverine Access? My ApplyWeb portal also hasn't updated. https://wolverineaccess.umich.edu
  8. Just declined UT Austin. Hope this helps you!
  9. I've just declined an offer from Rice. I hope this helps someone here on the waitlist :))
  10. Claiming a (formal) rejection at Berkeley. Congratulations to everyone accepted there!
  11. Presumed rejection. I’ve been formally rejected at UCSD and Princeton so far.
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