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  1. Got accepted, but no financial aid given.? Leads me closer to accepting the offer with a full tuition off from the US. Good luck to everyone and I hope you guys have good news too!
  2. Hey, everyone! International student here, got accepted to Munk too but there's no notice about any financial aid or scholarships...The price tag of 43k sounds ridiculous. I was also accepted to a school in the US with full funding and stipend, which is probably where I will go, but Munk definitely was a dream. Lots of luck to everyone who is still waiting for results or will go to any other school! This was a tough year and we definitely should be proud of ourselves, no matter what.
  3. Oooookay, this upcoming week should be THE ONE! They can't do this us any longer, hahaha
  4. Heyy, let's hope so! It takes TOO long already! Haven't received anything yet from either Munk, UOttawa, or Mcgill.
  5. I can only imagine, I was doing the same! Let us know how it goes ??
  6. Good luck to everyone still waiting for the results! I hope we can all meet this year on campus, we truly deserve this. ? Here is my info: 1. What was the specialization you applied for? Sustainable Development 2. Were you interviewed? If so, when? No interview 3. Did you submit GRE scores? No GRE scores 4.. Are you a Peace Corps alumnus? (so many Peace Corps people seem to be accepted/get funding) No, I'm am international student from Eastern Europe 5. Have you applied to the MGA before? If so, how many times? I have never applied before 6. Basic details about your application, i.e. GPA, GRE scores (if applicable), if you have another postgraduate degree, years of international experience, etc.: I'm 24, a first gen, low-income student with two majors in POS & EUR from an American University in Europe, 3.83 GPA, 4 languages, study-abroad experience, presidential medalist of the class, around 2 years of work experience (including in a EU institution and other official instit of my country) plus 4-5 years of volunteering & advocacy work during undergrad and high-school (including volunteering experience in Asia). EU young leader at diverse global political conferences & gender and education advocate. 7. If you were accepted, what financial aid package was offered, if any? Full scholarship and stipend.
  7. Thank you sooo much, you are so kind! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and I hope it works out!
  8. Hmmmm, yep, so weird they did not mention anything since for others they did. Sorry, I misunderstood what I read, most accepted students receive susbtantive-to-all funded rides. Here: "The admission process is need-blind and does not consider an applicant’s financial resources in making admissions decisions. All applicants are considered for a full-tuition scholarship and stipend for living expenses. No separate application is required. More than 75% of Keough School MGA students receive significant financial support." best of luck to you, I hope you receive the answer soon!
  9. Congratulations! So happy for you! On the site it says that all graduate students receive scholarships. There's no word in your e-mail abt a scholarship or stipend?
  10. Just got an e-mail too, ND sustainable development specialization! It says I received a full scholarship plus stipend, but that I will receive the financial package later. Congratulations, you guys! So excited for us!
  11. No idea, I applied early December and still not response.
  12. Hahahahha, I know, this is cruel.... Congrats to everyone!
  13. Accepted! No info about the financial package though...
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